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July 2009 (209 posts)

July 31: Blog cleanup during the weekend
July 31: dpreview reviews the Pentax 55mm f1.4 SDM DA-STAR
July 31: Halp Adam nao - best starter DSLR?
July 31: The Epson firmware surprise - tethered shooting with PhotoViewers
July 31: More light please - Photocrati compares five bright lenses
July 31: Pentax K7 update: New review, tech-talk and a ...tour
July 30: New DSLR Charts: The D5000 recall impact
July 30: Fuji W1 first-impressions (W1 is the 3D digital camera)
July 30: The cycle of life: The designer of the Pen passes away
July 29: Nikon D300s adds HD-Video and SDHC to the popular D300
July 29: New Nikon D3000 entry-level DSLR
July 29: New Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 ED VR II wants to be upgrade bait
July 29: New Nikon 18-200mm DX VR II lens arrives
July 29: Leica reveals prices for the S2 and the S-system
July 29: Leica D-Lux 4 reviews list added to the Review Organizer
July 29: You take the megapixels, I take the Nikon D700?
July 29: Fuji 3D picture frame too popular, release pushed to mid-October
July 29: Olympus E-P1 review at dpreview with Simon Joinson
July 29: New Kodak Z950 joins the ranks of the compact fun-zooms
July 29: New Kodak Easyshare M381, M341, C190 and C182 P&S models
July 29: Beyond 35mm: Franke & Heidecke shuts down on Sept-30
July 28: Olympus E-P1 pulse: new tests (and stock-status update)
July 28: Forum Patrol: Bokeh wars, full-frame vs APS-C
July 28: Pentax K7 firmware 1.01 announced in Japan
July 28: CNet boldy goes into Foveon-land and reviews the Sigma DP2
July 28: Panasonic gets a public flogging at Consumerist
July 28: Tamron 60mm f2 Di II lens delayed for Nikon (Canon currently shipping)
July 28: R&D Talk: Panasonic's new thinnest aspherical glass molded lenses
July 28: On camera reviews, quality vs quantity, and other issues
July 28: (SOLD OUT) In-stock alert: Canon 5DMK2 with 24-105L for $3500
July 27: Panasonic FZ38 (FZ35) superzoom keeps RAW, adds PowerOIS
July 27: Panasonic FZ38 (FZ35) review at Trusted Reviews
July 27: Sample pictures from four cameras (including E-P1 and Samsung HZ15)
July 27: New Panasonic ZX1 (aka ZR1) squeezes between the TZ-series and LZ-series
July 27: Thom hogan has tips for Nikon D5000 owners dealing with service advisory
July 27: New Panasonic FP8 is a stylish cousin of the tough-cookie FT1/TS1
July 27: New Panasonic FX60 (FX65) offers a wide-angle P&S option
July 27: Canon to host two-day Pro event in London (what do you make of it?)
July 27: Four new Panasonics announced - the FZ38 superzoom comes out with a review
July 27: Ricoh GRD III preview (video and text)
July 26: Ricoh GRD III is officially announced!!!
July 26: Rumors: three lenses were shown in Korea with the Samsung NX10
July 26: New E-P1 review at Photo Review and Steve Huff (updated)
July 26: Digital cameras meet gadgets meet Engadget founders
July 26: Impromptu Ricoh Day (also: CX1 and GRD2 review-clusters added)
July 26: Dissecting the Nikon D5000 serial numbers
July 26: Practical Olympus E-P1: it records the video-portion of a review
July 26: Five-minute weekly review
July 25: Lens reviews for the week
July 25: Olympus E-P1 review by Trusted Reviews
July 24: Pentax K7: a real-world in-forum review
July 24: dpreview mea culpa: Panasonic TS1/FT1 and Pentax W80 added to revised waterproof group-test
July 24: Nikon D5000 users are finding out if they have a faulty component
July 24: Now shipping: Sony 50mm f1.8 SAM DT for $150
July 24: Making the most of the Sigma DP2
July 24: Guru Wars: Adobe strikes back (theme song: The Girl is Mine)
July 24: Threat Watch: CGI to kill the studio photographer?
July 23: DCWatch tests 16gb SDHC and CF memory cards on DSLRs and friends
July 23: Judging the Queen: Imaging Resource reviews the Nikon D3X
July 23: New top selling dSLRs soap-opera: The E-P1 + 17mm fever
July 23: New Olympus E-P1 reviews, noise tests, and 30-min exposure
July 23: Hands-on with the Fuji 3D camera at CNet Asia
July 22: New Fuji S200EXR has smaller sensor and price - first to offer EXR-RAW files
July 22: Fuji F70EXR - a SuperCCD-powered compact-superzoom
July 22: Fuji W1: the first Fuji 3D digital camera system is officially revealed!
July 22: New Fuji Z37 (aka Z35?) is a P&S with folded-optics and toycam looks
July 22: Fuji J38 (aka J30) is new LiIon-powered entry-level digicam
July 22: New Fuji A220 and A170 eat AAs and cost $100 or less
July 22: New Olympus Stylus 7010 and 7020 look for place under the sun
July 22: Olympus FE-4010 also new, very similar to FE-4000, but not in press release
July 22: New Olympus FE-5020 and FE-4000 start at 24mm and 26mm wide
July 22: New Olympus FE-46 and FE-26 occupy the entry-level with AA-power
July 21: Canon has developed new lens-based hybrid image stabilization system
July 21: New Fuji and Olympus digital cameras officially announced - details tomorrow
July 21: Inside baseball with Thom Hogan: manufacturers vs camera-dealers vs consumers
July 21: Panasonic GH1 review and the world of hybrids at Luminous
July 21: David Ritz buys himself and saves the day - Ritz/Wolf camera stores are safe (for now)
July 21: New Top Selling Cameras soap-opera update: Canon SD1200is rules
July 21: Sony Alpha A900 review at Alpha Mount World
July 20: Sony DSLR names revealed: Alpha A850, A550 and A500 (no specs)
July 20: Pentax K7 hot topics in the forums
July 20: Olympus 17mm f2.8 shipping again for around $300
July 20: You can check out the Leica M8.2 for $50 per day
July 20: Fuji F70 EXR compact-zoom leaked (S200fs coming too?)
July 20: Pentax Optio W80 review at Japanese DC-Watch
July 20: Full-frame wars: Nikon D3X vs Canon 5D Mark II at Camera Labs
July 19: Which compact cameras should be added to the Review Organizer?
July 19: Sigma DP2 review-cluster has just been created (list of reviews)
July 19: Do photojournalists dream in JPEG?
July 19: Pentax K7 roundup (and don't forget the 645D MeFo)
July 19: Five-minute rewind of the last seven days
July 18: Olympus E-P1: New reviews and stock-status updates
July 18: New Top Selling DSLRs update (price is king once again)
July 18: Have you written any resource/reference articles? Let us know
July 18: Weekend Shopper (streaming edition)
July 18: Four superzoom underdogs compete at DC-Resource
July 18: Waterproof group-test at Imaging Resource (7 cameras included)
July 17: New Astroscope adapter allows dSLRs to see green in the dark
July 17: New Sigma DP2 review by Steve Huff
July 17: Which cameras would you like to see list-of-reviews for?
July 17: New Olympus Stylus Tough 6010 fails to get the SDHC memo
July 17: Camera reviews you may have missed
July 16: Two Pentax K7 reviews in the last 24 hours!
July 16: Panasonic GH1 double-sided review by DCI/CCI
July 16: (SOLD OUT) Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX for $200
July 16: Canon 5D (Mark I) takes on Pentax K7 and K2000/Km
July 16: Panasonic GH1 + Olympus 17mm = photographic nirvana?
July 16: Hacking the Olympus E420 focusing screen (do not try this at home)
July 16: dpreview reviews the Canon TS-E 24mm f3.5L II lens
July 16: Trouble with tribbles: Power issues with some Nikon D5000 models
July 16: Opinion: Kirk Tuck explains why he dropped Nikon and moved to Olympus
July 15: Olympus E-P1 stock status changes: White kit ships, and more
July 15: Tired of traditional-camera reviews? Luminous comes to the rescue!
July 15: Deal alert: Olympus E520 two-lens kit for $478
July 15: New review clusters: Olympus E-P1, Pentax K7, and Panasonic GH1
July 15: Sensor-shift stabilization gets some test-labs love
July 15: Panasonic 14-140mm MegaOIS (M43rds) priced at $850
July 15: Free image editing software (Lightcrafts Aurora) (limited time offer)
July 15: Picture #7000 in the flickr pool
July 15: dpreview and a camera-phone? Oh my!
July 14: Lens Party: Panasonic and Olympus 7-14mm with GH1 and E-P1
July 14: Leica S2 makes a guest appearance at a Manhattan store
July 14: New Samsung NX updates from Korea (also, mystery compact camera in the works)
July 14: New Canon 60D rumors talk APS-H and 12-megapixels
July 14: Micro Four Thirds has arrived: it gets its own dpreview forum
July 14: New Samsung PL70 (SL720), PL55 (SL502) and ES17 join the P&S ranks
July 14: Medium Format Drama: End of open systems says Hasselblad CEO
July 13: New feature: Top Selling DSLR Charts goes live
July 13: Camera reviewers, somebody please review the Samsung WB1000/TL320
July 13: Nikon roadmap, Thom Hogan style (speculation and predictions)
July 13: Pentax K7 review at DC-Watch (computer-translated)
July 13: Suffragette City: We need more female camera reviewers
July 13: New Olympus E-P1 review at Photocrati by Peter Burian
July 13: Sony achieves 32gb MemorySticks, xD is calling, SOS for common sense
July 13: Cosina's new M43 adapters bring old-school F-mount and K-mount lenses to M43rds
July 13: Blogger inconsistency, ignore this! (was E-P1 kits vs lens prices)
July 13: Olympus E-P1 review at Photography Blog
July 12: Art filters and the Olympus E-P1 with 17mm (full-size samples from Japan)
July 12: New revelations about the Fuji 3D system (price-tag, availability)
July 12: Pentax K7 in-stock status matrix (both WR kit lenses shipping!)
July 12: Outside the box idea for local camera shops: The Internet Showroom event
July 12: Five-minute weekly summary is ready
July 12: Olympus 17mm f2.8 in-stock alert
July 11: New Panasonic GH1 review, this time at Camera Labs
July 11: (OVER) Pentax K7 discount arrives, price drops to $1250
July 11: The anatomy of a professional photovideoshoot by Philip Bloom
July 11: Request for "Beta-readers" with interest in DSLRs and numbers
July 10: The Olympus PEN story has its own story
July 10: Panasonic GH1 review at dpreview (was shipping) (updated)
July 10: Pentax K7: pixel-peepiential clouds across the moon?
July 10: Confessions of a Gearaholic
July 9: Kindle 2 gets discounted to $300, one more reason to subscribe to this blog?
July 9: Lens review diary updated with recent reviews
July 9: Role reversal: GE invades Japan, greeted by "ISO bunny"
July 9: Catching up with recent superzoom reviews
July 9: Thom Hogan opines on the alleged Nikon roadmap
July 9: Strategy session: If you need the Canon 24-105 f4 L IS USM and a fullframe body...
July 9: R&D Talk: DSLRs with touch-screen displays?
July 9: New Olympus E-P1 and first 17mm f2.8 reviews have gone live
July 8: Samsung NX-series revelation: OptronTec is the exclusive lens provider
July 8: Photography Soup (anything goes edition)
July 8: More content added to on-going Olympus E-P1 review at IR
July 8: More options added to the commenting system
July 8: Alleged Nikon two-year roadmap is loaded with new DSLRs and lenses
July 8: Unboxing the white Leica M8
July 8: Ritz Camera cannot fight the tape, the remaining stores will be auctioned
July 8: As the medium format world turns: Franke & Heidecke closes down, Hassy lands on the moon again
July 8: Olympus E-P1 first look by Allan Weitz of B&H Photo
July 8: Canon Digital Rebel T1i (500D/Kiss X3) reviewed at DC-Resource
July 7: Fifty new full-size Pentax K7 samples (DNG too) added by IR
July 7: (Everything okay now) was temporarily down
July 7: ISO Wars: Sigma DP2 takes on Micro Four Thirds (E-P1 and G1)
July 7: Samsung NX10 camera "touched" in Korea? (updated)
July 7: Canon G10 vs Panasonic LX3 vs Ricoh GX200
July 7: Relive the Olympus E-P1 launch at Jessops
July 6: Olympus E-P1, lenses and accessories in-stock matrix
July 6: 23 full-size Pentax K7 test-sample pictures for the pixel-peepers (updated)
July 6: Micro Four Thirds puts two cameras in the Top 75 (new top sellers)
July 6: Voigtlander (Cosina) classic lenses listed at Olympus M4/3rds site
July 6: Olympus E620 gets its due with the new dpreview review (parties in the streets!)
July 6: Pentax K7 in-stock right now (updated!)
July 6: Five minute summary of the last week
July 6: Photofast CR7200 Compact Flash adapter takes 4 microSD cards
July 5: RiceHigh turns bearish, has 11 reasons to sing the Pentax blues
July 5: Bite-size thoughts on the Tamron 60mm f2 lens
July 5: Olympus E-P1: Testbed for OM lens and Zone 10 preview
July 5: Imaging Resource finalizes their Nikon D5000 review
July 5: Initial impressions by new Pentax K7 owners
July 5: Olympus E-P1 with 14-42mm now in-stock at Amazon
July 5: Samsung announcement coming on July 7?
July 4: Olympus E-P1 and E620 review double-feature at Steve's Digicams
July 4: Sony Cybershot TX1 and WX1 leaked (with 10mp CMOS sensors)
July 3: Pentax K7 news and updates
July 3: New Hasselblad CFV-39 digital back is revealed
July 3: Olympus E-P1 samples from Japan
July 3: Best of the 4th of July digital camera deals
July 3: Leica and Phase One divorce, does this affect the S2 and S-series?
July 3: Today's Akira Watanabe interview comes from LensTip


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