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July 26, 2009

Impromptu Ricoh Day (also: CX1 and GRD2 review-clusters added)

One thing led to another, and we ended up having an impromptu "Ricoh Day" here at this blog. So a tip of the hat to all the Ricoh fans.

Two Ricoh Review-Clusters created
The Ricoh CX1 won the popular vote in our recent poll, thus automatically "earning" a review-cluster at the Compact Digital Camera Review Organizer.

The CX1 may not be generally available in all markets, and Ricoh does not have the high-profile of some of the traditional camera manufacturers, however, as you can see from the just-created Ricoh CX1 review-cluster, it has assembled a respectable list of reviews.

While we try, we can't always find every single review out there, so if we missed any, please let us know!

And while looking at the Review Organizer, we noticed a glaring omission. No Ricoh GRD II review-cluster? How wrong! So, we fixed it and we have also just created the Ricoh GRD II list of reviews.

Ricoh rumors no more! (UPDATE)
Rumors no more! The Ricoh GRD III is now officially announced.

This was an on-going and long-going rumor discussion at the dpreview forums. As the number suggests, this is the third "prime" digital GR model, interleaved with the GX100/GX200 models.

Some good places for Ricoh discussions
+ dpreview's Ricoh Talk
+ GetDPI Small-Sensor Cameras (includes Ricoh among others)
+ Ricoh forum
+ Best of GRD flickr group
+ who else? let us know...

Blogs that feature Ricoh
+ Wouter 28mm
+ Ricoh GR1 diary
+ Serious Compacts (Ricohs included)
+ one picture a day with Ricoh cameras
+ GX garnernings
+ Nick Bland
+ Ricoh GR-D blogspot
+ Ricoh's own GRD blog (in Japanese)
+ who else? let us know...

Ricoh coverage at the noisy blogs
+ Ricoh stories at this blog and our previous blog as well
+ Ricoh at RaWsumer

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