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July 07, 2009

Fifty new full-size Pentax K7 samples (DNG too) added by IR

Imaging Resource has been busy in their labs! Today they have added roughly 50 new sample pictures in their samples page. The samples are available as full-size JPEGs and a number of them also as DNG. Today's update is their "still life" set, the scene with the Crayons, vinegar, coffee cup, spices, threads and such. Different variables are adjusted in each subset of pictures, including of course the ISO (100 to 6400) and NR (four settings).

Pentax K7 in the blogosphere
OK1000 tackles the pre-release issue of changing the AF point. Is it a big issue or much-ado about nada?

Yvon spotlights a video tour of the K7 produced by Pentax. Please note that the video resizes your browser window and requires Flash. The link here is to Yvon's blog, not the video.

Meanwhile, Rice High takes a look at dchome forum pictures and translates the findings for those of who cannot read Chinese.

Ned found the 77mm f1.8 FA lens and took some shots with it and the K7. He also talks briefly about the multi-eposure mode.

Unboxing (UPS Guy included!)
Here is an unboxing discussed in the PentaxForums, and this unboxing includes the UPS guy too.

K7 stock status
The K7 is now shipping from three major reputable retailers, you can find them at the top of the left sidebar of this blog, and at the K7 mini-blog which has now reached 50 K7-themed posts!

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