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July 23, 2009

DCWatch tests 16gb SDHC and CF memory cards on DSLRs and friends

The Japanese website DC-Watch has taken a four-pack of 16gb SDHC memory cards and a four-pack of 16gb Compact Flash memory cards and run some performance tests using some of the popular DSLRs of today. There are cameras participating from every major manufacturer out there, and there are different ways to look at and compare the data across a manufacturer or across the board. We can only read computer-translated Japanese, so we can't provide any more details than what the computer-translator translates.

Some of the DSLRs included in their tests:
+ Canon 5D Mark II, 50D, 40D, Digital Rebel
+ Nikon D700, D300, D90, D5000
+ Panasonic GH1, G1
+ Pentax K7, K20
+ Olympus E-P1, E30, E620
+ Sony A900, A380
+ Sigma DP2 (only fixed-lens camera of the group)

For the CompactFlash test, they used the following 16gb cards:
+ Extreme IV (45MB/s, UDMA)
+ Extreme III (30MB/s)
+ Transcend (UDMA)
+ PQI QCF12-16G

For the SD/SDHC test, they used the following 16gb cards:
+ Extreme III (30MB/s)
+ Ultra II (15MB/s)
+ Transcend (Class 6)
+ A-data (Class 6)

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