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July 07, 2009

Canon G10 vs Panasonic LX3 vs Ricoh GX200

While all the interchangeable lens cameras, coming and upcoming, are eating up the spotlight, what about the serious fixed-lens zoom cameras? They are here (for the most part) and can get you a lot in a small package. Sure, they may not have all the advanced features and larger sensors of a dSLRs, but everything is a series of compromises. Which is why you don't see many people carrying a large format camera with a digital back and a IBM mainframe when they go out on a photo-shoot ;-)

With that as an unnecessary preface, here is a recent article at comparing the G10, LX3 and the GX200. Samples are included, but not full-size. For ISO fans, there is an ISO-crop elevator comparison, look for it towards the middle of the page in a thumbnail.

As usual, we won't reveal the findings and conclusions here, but it's really worth reading this article top to bottom!

And in a rather interesting twist of fate, the Ricoh GX200 has gone from being the most expensive camera of this group by a couple of price-stops, to being the least expensive. Adorama is currently offering it for $430.

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