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July 06, 2009

23 full-size Pentax K7 test-sample pictures for the pixel-peepers (updated)

Imaging Resource has a special treat for the pixel-peepers. Twenty-three full-size sample pictures taken with the K7 at Imaging Resource. This is a work in progress, more images will be added in the next few days. This of course also means that they have started work on their review, which is a sign that they may have a review in the next few weeks!

Also a plus, a number of the sample pictures are available as RAW (DNG) downloads for evaluation purposes.

Reactions to the IR samples
OK1000 took a look at the IR samples and compared them to competing cameras and opines on how they look for the K7.

The shots are also discussed in the Pentax SLR Talk forum.

Not related to the samples, but of interest to new or newer Pentaxians: What lenses would you buy for $1000?

Current stock status
And we have a stock-status update. B&H Photo no longer has the K7 in-stock (but is accepting orders) while Amazon continues to indicate it as in-stock and shipping. UPDATE: Now also in-stock and shipping for $1300 at J&R World. UPDATE! Now in-stock at Adorama as well!

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