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June 09, 2009

Sigma DP2 new opinions and sample videos too

The Sigma DP2 action continues in the photo-blogo-sphere! Here are some of the latest happenings:

Serious Compacts spotlights a photographer's review of the Sigma DP2, in-fact the reviewer doesn't want to call it a review, but rather "photography with the Sigma DP2". Check it out at Jim Ratcliffe's website, BoxedLight. Jim has also opened up his review for discussion in the dpreview forums, where he says "more to come". So stay tuned!

Tech-site Trusted Reviews has posted their Sigma DP2 findings. Verdict is on page #3, with three pages of test shots following it. Some may consider it to be an even-keeled review, but it depends on who "some" is :)

Carl Rytterfalk continues to provide new DP2-related content, this time he is offering two sample videos for downloading and evaluation purposes.

Next we travel to the Sigma forums at dpreview, where one photographer shares some of his/her street photography from Shanghai. Another photographer uses a dirty dog toy (!) to make his point.

You can get non-stop DP2 action at the dpreview forums and GetDPI forums

As far as price, the camera is steady at $650, shipping at that price from Amazon and B&H Photo.

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