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June 20, 2009

Reactions and opinions on the E-P1

We continue the E-P1 marathon with a roundup of reactions and opinions on the E-P1 at a variety of websites and blogs, big and small.

A camera like the E-P1 falls right in the middle of the definition of a Serious Compact camera. So, what better place to go for an early opinion based on what we know so far than the Serious Compacts blog!

Posted just after this post went live, are the thoughts on the new E-P1 by They point out 4 issues and 4 pluses. But are they equally weighted? The word revolutionary is used!

The Online Photographer has a different opinion on the missing optical viewfinder from the E-P1 body. And to answer some of the questions, TOP has posted on the topic of fast lenses. But that's not all, there's also three cheers for Olympus - based of course on what is known so far.

In Nikon-Land, NikonWatch says this is the camera Nikon should have made. As you may recall there were some rumor-rumblings a few months ago about Nikon working on a digital rangefinder type of a project. Regardless of what they may, or may not be working on, the E-P1 is for reals!

The Images and [re]views blog asks why the retro look?

Meanwhile, Wirehead Arts writes their thoughts on the E-P1 and where it fits in the digital camera landscape.

Based on what is known so far about the camera, one of the photographers at PC Magazine is listing it in their top five cameras for Father's Day and recommending it for the father-in-law.

But not everyone is singing the E-P1 praises. The guru at Photofocus calls it the "most overhyped camera of the decade".

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