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June 05, 2009

Pictures of Olympus E-P1 Micro Four Thirds camera leaked? (updated)

We were visiting the Olympus dpreview forums, where we noticed this thread pointing to this picture at Hong Kong site

It looks like the top view of what could be a new Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera with a 17mm f2.8 pancake lens attached?


Saturday update
Another picture of the side of the camera has emerged from the forums in Asia, along with sketches and various spec-speculation-rumors. You can see these at

A growing discussion of these developments is underway in the GetDPI 43m43rds forums.

Even more threads have sprung up in the Oly dpreview forums, you can check the latest ones at the index page.

Meanwhile, the debate has been revitalized in the dpreview forums as to how to deal with Micro Four Thirds - split the Olympus forum in 43 and M43, or leave Olympus be and create a new Micro Four Thirds forum that features all things M43rds?

We have solved this problem on this blog by creating a Micro Four Thirds mini-blog - it contains the summaries of all the Micro Four Thirds related posts, whether they come from Olympus, Panasonic or anyone else related.

Some want to see the orange carrot cam become a real product.

Meanwhile, has posted a revised from Pen to Micro 4/3rds perspective article. A good way to relive/learn the Pen history so as to see how it plays out in the introduction of the E-P1 and future Olympus M43rds cameras.

Monday update
The lack of a built-in flash has gotten the attention of a number of photographers. Will the E-P1 be the only camera revealed and is there a camera with a built-in flash coming as well at some point?

Meanwhile another new thread dissects the picture, literally and figuratively.

There are many discussions of this all over the internets, including this one at

Monday June 15 update
New pictures of the E-P1, two lenses, and accessories have been leaked in the the Chinese forums. Check out the latest leak-a-thon!

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