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June 10, 2009

Panasonic LX3 vs Canon G10 (bicycle edition)

Russ Roca, an avid fan of bicycling and photography, has just posted a very organic comparison between the Canon G10 and Panasonic LX3. This is especially of interest to fans of bicycling and other related activities. As usual, we won't reveal their findings here. Please note this is a photographer-in-the-field type of a review, not a pixel-peepiential review. A number of people consider these type of reviews just as helpful and valuable as pixel-peepiential reviews.

If the name Russ Roca sounds familiar to our regular readers, he was featured in our giant Earth Day 2008 roundup - the bicycling eco-friendly photographer. You can learn more about Russ and Laura's upcoming epic bike trip at their Path Less Pedaled blog.

Thanks to Rana Williamson (blog, flickr) for the tip to this great article!

For more on the LX3, be sure to check the LX3 diary and list of reviews.

For more on the G10, be sure to check the G10 diary and list of reviews.

Best LX3 and G10 prices?
As far as the best prices for these cameras, all three LX3Ks kit have now completely sold out at B&H Photo as of 5:05pm eastern. Our computer is *processing* *processing* (Majel Roddenberry voice-over) the next best price. Nothing found at reputable retailers. The next best thing right now appears to be the Leica D-Lux 4.

Panasonic has dropped the ball big-time on the LX3 supply issues. They should have come clean a long time ago explaining why there is such a short supply of LX3 units. It is disrespectful when a company leaves the photographers hanging like this. They should have done what Pentax did in October 2007, when they came out clean and confessed that the Optio A40 would be delayed by a few months because its battery would not be available. Ironically (perhaps) the delay was due to a fire at a Matsushita factory.

As far as the Canon G10, the best price among the reputable retailers we track is $459 with free shipping and handling, sold and shipped by itself.

As you can see, the inexplicable supply issues of the Panasonic LX3 have "opened the door" for the Canon G10 to go up in price (although Canon prices have been going up on their own as well). During their lows, both the LX3 and the G10 were selling for around $400 - in late 2008. Apparently the state of the world economy, supply issues, manufacturer dollars-and-(non)sense, and the exchange rate fluctuations are "rewriting" the pricing rules of thumb that had been around for a while.

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