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June 03, 2009

Panasonic FZ60 request line - join the Quixotic Quest!

There is a growing thread in the Panasonic dpreview forums where loyal Panasonic FZ-series users are encouraging Panasonic (using different motivational techniques) to develop and release a Panasonic FZ60, a place-holder name used to describe the wished-for replacement for the Panasonic FZ50 [reviews].

The hope is that the more photographers show strong interest, the better the chances may be for Panasonic to increase the priority for such a project. So if you want to see a camera like that being built, join the party at this dpreview forums thread and spread the word!

To make it easier to spread the word, we created a Tinyurl shortcut for the aforementioned dpreview thread, here it is

If you read through the thread, you will notice that a couple of posters were told privately by a Panasonic engineer [here] that there will not be a FZ60, while another email [here] pointed them to the PMA-era dpreview interview.

All things considered, the chances of this happening are sadly not good. However, if you strongly want something, sometimes you have to fight for it! [insert inspirational Rocky theme here].

It is rather ironic that Panasonic has managed to fumble two of their most successful (among photographers) cameras, the LX3 (supply issues), and the big FZ-series (no new products).

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