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June 18, 2009

Olympus E-P1 Sample Pictures (including some RAW/ORF)

This roundup focuses (no pun intended) solely on posted sample pictures taken with the Olympus E-P1 and assorted lenses. We have other round-ups for video, opinions, and hands-on reports and previews. There's so much stuff out there! So let's get started!

One of the few websites to make available RAW (ORF) files is Focus Numerique. Merci beaucoup FN! The pictures are also available as full-size JPEGs. These are real-world pictures, taken with the 17mm f2.8 and 14-42mm M.Zuiko lenses and the Panasonic 7-14mm f4. But FN did not want to disappoint the noise-a-holics, so they are offering them their high-ISO samples.

Not one, not two, not three, but SIXTY sample pictures at full-size are available for download, shot by firmware 1.0 by Four Thirds User. Now that's what I call the closet thing to having the camera in-hand!

The Coney Island visitor's bureau should send Olympus a big thank you as the various websites are posting more and more Coney Island pictures and videos. Among them, the full-size real-world samples posted by Imaging Resource.

Also from the NYC, we have some sample pictures shared by one of the admins at 43rds Photo and discussed in their forums at the same time.

More NYC pictures, this time posted by the Imaging Insider. A total of nine handheld images are available thru their flickr pages and posted at web-size. Update: But was just the appetizer! They have also made available nine images as full-size JPEG and the RAW (ORF). Each JPEG/RAW pair is contained in its own .zip file and each .zip file is around 20MB neighborhood. And they have posted about opening the RAW files in case your current software does not support them.

And one more NYC set, this time by Derrick Story who tries to answer reader questions about low-light performance of this camera. Derrick Story has posted a 14-image set at his flickr page, each taken and/or processed with different settings.

Let's Go Digital put the camera in the time-machine and took some Pen-era samples which are available as full-size JPEGs to download and evaluate on your own. It includes a couple of b+w pictures.

Serious Compacts spotlights a dozen sample pictures taken at what appears to be the European launch of the E-P1 by LensTip, which is the english-speaking version of the critically-acclaimed Polish website

More pictures, this time on flickr by Reality Scanner, spotted by Foto Actualidad.

If you want to see "ISO Elevator" samples, Foto Actualidad points us in the direction of MyCen Buzz. This is a pre-production camera however.

There are more samples that are part of hands-on reports. You can see some of those when we post that round-up later tonight. But if we missed any, don't be shy, let us know and they will be added along!

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