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June 29, 2009

Nikon D3000 picture shows up at LensTip and gets micro-analyzed

While catching up with the lens reviews for June 2009, we saw a pleasant surprise at They have received a legitimate-looking picture of what looks like a Nikon D3000 DSLR. (Update: The link has been removed but you can check the Google Cache for the article). LensTip analyzed the picture, comparing it to the D5000 body, and deduced a number of things about the camera! Check their website for their detailed speculation-analysis!

So based on the timing, this is perhaps going to be one the cameras revealed at the double header Nikon events thirty days from now. This would solve Nikon's situation at the entry-level, wher they have the "aging" Nikon D40 and D60, followed by the D5000 [reviews].

On the speculation front, this could perhaps open the door for model-name symmetry, where we have D3000/D300/D3, so it could be that another column of Nikons might be D5000, D500 and D5? (this is pure speculation on our part of course).

Those who don't believe in coincidences, may also note that it was just three days ago that Thom Hogan mentioned that the D60 was starting to run dry. Coincidence? We blog, you decide!

PS: One quick technical note, the "Rumors" url on the left sidebar of the blog was "stuck" at the Leica pages, instead of returning to the Rumor Diary. It has now been corrected!

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