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June 2009 (188 posts)

June 30: Nikon and Fujitsu create new company to develop firmware for Nikon cameras
June 30: Olympus E-P1 with 14-42mm now taking orders! (silver with black lens)
June 30: Three new Mamiya digital backs M31, M22 and M18 (tape-delayed news)
June 30: The Leica S2 progress report at the Imaging Insider
June 30: Catching up with recent Pentax K7 happenings
June 30: Trading camera systems: biology involved?
June 30: Thanks to LaptopLogic for the Lightroom tutorial
June 29: Pentax camera museum closing after 40 years
June 29: New lens reviews added to the Lens Review Diary (mega-catch-up)
June 29: Nikon D3000 picture shows up at LensTip and gets micro-analyzed
June 29: Webinar with David Ziser on Wednesday at 2pm NYC time
June 29: Foveon temptation: Sigma DP1 delivered for $384 (updated)
June 29: SilkyPix adds support for Pentax K7 and new Alphas
June 29: Nikon D5000 gets analyzed by Quesabesde
June 29: Waves of RAW and JPEG Olympus E-P1 samples now available
June 29: Curiosity reviews: Samsung HZ10w (WB500) and HZ15w (WB550)
June 29: Something wrong with the eBay daily deals? (was Canon SD890is for $100)
June 29: Weekly review (the last seven days)
June 28: The new wave, superzooms and DSLRs (new top sellers update)
June 28: Blog updates, fixes and things like that
June 28: Panasonic GH1 review at Photo Review
June 28: New Olympus E-P1 samples, another Akira interview, and more
June 28: PDN picks the top five biggest internet photographers
June 27: Trend-spotting: Canon vs Nikon vs Leica at Tumblr
June 27: The Canon T1 (aka 2000D) chatter picks up some steam
June 27: Olympus E-P1 review at CNet generates debates, unboxing, FL14 shipping and more
June 27: (SOLD OUT) Olympus E520 with two-lenses for $478
June 26: New York AG drops the hammer on seven Brooklyn retailers (scammers)
June 26: Olympus E620 review double-header: DC Resource and Wrotniak
June 26: More E-P1 sample images at Imaging Resource
June 26: Hands-on with the Olympus E-P1 at the Jessops launch in London
June 26: End of cycle for Nikon 18-135mm DX lens?
June 26: Novoflex Micro 4/3rds adapters to be released in Japan
June 25: Tutorial: Sharing Your Lightroom Catalog with Your Laptop
June 25: Portrait of the Nikon D5000 as a Video DSLR
June 25: Phase One "rescues" Leaf from Kodak (medium format news)
June 25: Should manufacturers be allowed to block 3rd-party batteries?
June 25: Interview with Olympus president (also: no wireless flash for E-P1)
June 25: dpreview forums channel Gmail, now offer mouseless operation
June 25: Steve Huff reviews the Canon G10
June 24: Akira-san is an Obama-can: Yes we can do everything with Micro Four Thirds
June 24: Trying to clarify the Pentax K7 firmware/sensor confusion
June 24: PDN Pulse: No Fuji DSLRs in 2009
June 24: New Pentax W80 heats up the elementproof compact wars
June 24: One flower, four cameras: E-P1 vs DP2 vs D-Lux4 vs P6000
June 24: Sandisk goes Extreme at 32gb with SDHC and jumps to Class 10
June 24: Free webinar on July 1st by David Ziser (save the date!)
June 24: Top five iPhone Photo apps according to Yanik's Photo School
June 24: Pre-production Pentax K7 review at Photography Blog
June 23: Adobe refreshes Lightroom and Camera RAW, issues DNG 1.3 spec
June 23: The Pentax K7 user manual is now online
June 23: DIYPhotography has a roundup of 49 hacks, mods, tricks and DIY projects
June 23: Thom opines on the E-P1 and Nikon's non-offerings in the segment
June 23: Leica S2 makes first shy retail appearance but remains priceless
June 23: E-P1 world: $100 off FL-14 flash if ordered together with E-P1
June 23: New Sigma DP2 firmware 1.02 tries to improve AF performance
June 23: What's the frequency Olympus E-P1?
June 22: What's the frequency Pentax K7?
June 22: Panasonic GH1 review at Photoxels
June 22: Nikon D5000 and Canon T1i get a new review each
June 22: Video DSLRs vs Camcorders, a Luminous cognoscente viewpoint
June 22: Readers Gear on eBay (June 2009 edition)
June 22: Relive the Japanese Olympus E-P1 "Experience"
June 22: Black and white comparisons: Olympus E30 vs Pentax K20D vs Panasonic LX3
June 21: Pentax K7: Modified sensor in the production units says AP UK
June 21: New Top Selling Camera Charts update posted (finally!)
June 21: ISO Wars: Panasonic GH1 vs Nikon D90 vs ...Canon SX1is
June 21: Olympus E-P1 ISO-range samples added at Imaging Resource (155 test samples!)
June 21: Catch up with the previous week in 5 minutes or less!
June 20: Reactions and opinions on the E-P1
June 20: Shutter sounds: Olympus E-P1 vs Leica M4-2
June 20: What is Nikon planning for July 30 and August 4? D3s? D300s? D60s? Lenses?
June 20: Pentax K7 review FAIL: WDC review gets torn to shreds in forums for poorly conducted review
June 19: Share on FriendFeed buttons added
June 19: (DEAD) Panasonic G1 with two lenses for $660 (14-45, 45-200, blue G1)
June 19: Samsung NX-series makes Chinese guest appearance
June 19: Olympus E-P1 pre-orders central
June 19: Olympus E-P1 hands-on reports, previews and more
June 18: Pentax K7 vs K20D noise test
June 18: Olympus E-P1 Sample Pictures (including some RAW/ORF)
June 18: Olympus E-P1 Sample Videos
June 18: Olympus E-P1 shutter sounds (single and continous shooting)
June 18: Lens Civil War: Canon 18-200mm vs the two kit-lenses facilitated by 500D/T1i
June 18: Canon SD880is gets tested by Imaging Resource (better late than never!)
June 18: Olympus E-P1 sample videos and presentation audio from the Imaging Insider
June 18: (DEAD) Panasonic G1 with 14-45mm and 45-200mm for $715 (blue or red)
June 18: Tamron 60mm f2 Di-II is formally announced (will start shipping in Japan)
June 18: Opinion on dpreview's commentary on rumors, leaks and NDAs
June 17: Catching up with the Pentax K7 world
June 17: (SOLD OUT) Panasonic LX3K was at Amazon for $462 (SOLD OUT!)
June 17: It is raining Nikon D5000 reviews!
June 17: Most popular camera-diaries in May 2009
June 17: The Olympus E-P1 temptation poll
June 17: R&D Talk: New sCMOS scientific imaging sensors
June 16: Mega review burst: 37 compact cameras reviewed by Tom's Guide
June 16: Pre-order the Olympus E-P1 and lenses!
June 16: (SOLD OUT!) In-stock alert: LX3K for $500 with free shipping right now!
June 16: Nikon D300s press material leaked? (unconfirmed)
June 16: Deal alert: Panasonic G1 two-lens kit delivered at $716 (blue or red!)
June 15: The Olympus E-P1 is officially announced (the wait is over!)
June 15: Pentax K7 to be released in Japan on June 27
June 15: (SOLD OUT) In-stock alert: Panasonic LX3K for $579
June 14: Olympus E-P1 announcement rescheduled for Tuesday PM (Tokyo time) in Japan
June 14: Leica M8.3 coming around PMA 2010? Leica M9 still in the pipeline
June 14: Private conversations: Leica full-frame EVF with full R-series support is planned
June 14: No Leica R10 but there will be a way to use your R-series lenses on digital
June 14: Platinum members alert: Black Leica M8.2 in-stock at B&H
June 14: Curiosity review: Sony Alpha A380 at Let's Go Digital
June 14: Pentax K7: Sample pictures and hands-on from China (update #3)
June 14: R&D Talk: Olympus E5 (or E4) with 3CCD Trine sensor? (speculation)
June 14: Official Olympus Twitter acknolwedges buzz, reveals nothing (yet)
June 14: New Review Clusters for Nikon D5000, Canon T1i/500D and SX200IS and Panasonic TZ7/ZS3
June 14: Highlights of the week that was in digital cameras
June 13: Father's Day digital camera deals are heating up
June 13: Grab your Facebook and Google Profiles names before the robots do
June 12: (SOLD OUT) Was: Olympus E520 two-lens kit for $456
June 12: Another Nikon D5000 review, this time at DCI
June 12: New Pentax K7 camera-body pictures from Germany
June 12: iPhone DSLR Remote App for Canon updates compatibility list
June 12: Pentax K7 unboxing in Hong Kong
June 12: Nikon D5000 gets a 34-page review by
June 12: Panasonic Leica adapters priced in Japan (updated with prices)
June 12: Hands-on with the Panasonic GH1 (and nine sample videos)
June 12: There is a Nikon D300s DSLR coming up?
June 12: Tiny Olympus E-P1 picture gets the UFO sighting treatment
June 11: Follow us on Twitter for more action
June 11: A week without a Pentax K7 roundup (but there's one right now!)
June 10: Current and recent DSLRs and iLCs - slideshow edition
June 10: New Casio EX-H10 fun-zoom digital camera starts at 24mm and takes 1000 shots!
June 10: New Fuji Z300fd is a stylish P&S with a 3-inch touch-screen (new in Japan)
June 10: Panasonic LX3 vs Canon G10 (bicycle edition)
June 10: How do you use sample pictures from hot new cameras?
June 10: DXoMark duel: Nikon D5000 vs Canon D-Rebel T1i/500D
June 9: Panasonic GH1 review signed, sealed and delivered by Imaging Resource
June 9: Sigma DP2 new opinions and sample videos too
June 9: (All kits SOLD OUT) Panasonic LX3K was in-stock at B&H Photo
June 9: New Pentax K7 in-forum hands-on preview with samples!
June 9: DCWatch tests out the new Panasonic LX3 1.3 firmware
June 8: Sony Alpha A330 kits in-stock and shipping at B&H Photo
June 8: Imaging Resource adds Panasonic GH1 video samples and opinion
June 8: New iPhone 3Gs adds photography-related features
June 8: The Canon 270EX meets the Canon 5DMk2 and G10 (DCWatch tests)
June 8: dpreview delivers decision on Canon Digital Rebel T1i/500D
June 8: (SOLD OUT) Black Panasonic LX3 was at Amazon for $462 (didn't last long)
June 8: Yet another Olympus E620 review (this one at Pho Blog)
June 7: A most unusual look at the Pentax K7 mania
June 7: New Olympus E620 and Nikon D5000 reviews
June 7: Highlights of the week that was
June 6: Akihabara News joins the Church of Foveon!
June 6: Beta-readers interested in checking out new blog features?
June 5: Pictures of Olympus E-P1 Micro Four Thirds camera leaked? (updated)
June 5: Camera Steals: Panasonic TZ5 blue or silver shipped for $208 to $212
June 5: Yanns Arthus Bertrand's new video-project Home has gone live on YouTube
June 5: Panasonic GH1 test results at IR, G1 samples at Focus Numerique
June 5: Curiosity review: Kodak Z980 megazoom with faux-grip at Digital Camera Review
June 5: In-stock alert: Sigma DP2 at B&H Photo and Amazon for $650
June 4: Understanding and digital cameras
June 4: Sigma 18-250mm DC OS HSM for Sony and Pentax coming out in mid-June?
June 4: Canon gets bullish again, reboots Nagasaki plant
June 4: Fun Poll: Which celebrities should promote the Pentax K7?
June 4: Practical uses of DSLR-Video for Stills-only photographers who do not produce video content
June 4: Inside the Imaging Insider: new K7 video, new DSLR rigs, and more
June 4: Sony A700 with VGC-70AM battery grip delivered for $1155
June 4: DIY gadgetology with the Olympus E420
June 3: Reactions to today's Pentax K7 full-size JPEG/RAW samples
June 3: Panasonic FZ60 request line - join the Quixotic Quest!
June 3: (SOLD OUT) Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX was in-stock at B&H
June 3: Quick tip: Grab your Google Profile now!
June 3: Impact lens review: Panasonic 14-140mm M43 at SLR Gear
June 3: New Pentax K7 full-size JPEG/RAW pictures (pre-production)
June 3: Panasonic GH1 gets its first major review at DC-Resource
June 3: Pentax K20D asks: Should I stay or should I go now?
June 2: Listen to this Canon Digital Rebel T1i/500D review
June 2: Short Sony Alpha A380 review at TechRadar
June 2: All Panasonic LX3K kits sold out at B&H Photo (update #3)
June 2: New Nikon D5000 review - this time at Camera Labs
June 2: Mason Resnick hands-on with the K7 - a System Changer? (updated)
June 2: Olympus cares more about Pen than Micro Four Thirds?
June 2: New firmware 1.1.0 (video-mode manual exposure) is out for Canon 5D Mark II
June 2: New limited edition Yashica-branded EZ-UW5 YL underwater camera (Japan)
June 2: New Issue of Bowens LiteBook free e-magazine
June 1: Panasonic LX3 firmware version 1.3 came out today
June 1: Tamron 10-24mm for Sony and Pentax coming out in mid-June (Japan)
June 1: The Sigma DP2 gets a second review at TOP
June 1: Casio EX-FC100 review at Steve's Digicams
June 1: Why we don't have Walmart at the NoisyMall
June 1: Picture #6000 in the flickr pool!
June 1: The attack of the new Rollei Clones!


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