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June 16, 2009

Deal alert: Panasonic G1 two-lens kit delivered at $716 (blue or red!)

We interrupt the Olympus E-P1 marathon with a great deal for those interested in Micro Four Thirds and the Panasonic G1 digital camera! You can get the G1 with the 14-42mm and 45-200mm for $716 delivered to your door! This is offered by Amazon itself.

The deal is good for the blue and red (red has been discounted again!) G1 models. The black G1 sells for more and it is delayed by "1 to 2 months".

I cannot stress this enough, ALL items in this transaction MUST BE sold and shipped by itself, NOT by 3rd-party sellers. You must understand what this sentence means before you read anything else!

If you are not an experienced Amazon shopper, this is an intermediate-level deal, so be sure to pay close attention to the details below. It also helps if you take a deep-breath and concentrate on this task and nothing else :)

Deal summary with step-by-step instructions
0. Empty your shopping cart.

1. Go to the Panasonic G1 blue or Panasonic G1 red page.

2. If Amazon itself (not a third party seller) is the featured seller, look for the section "Special Offers and Product Promotions" right below the giant camera picture. Look at the last item. It says: "Save $250 on the Panasonic 45-200mm Lens when you purchase 1 or more Panasonic G1 Digital SLR offered by"

3. Click on the "Add Both to Cart" button

4. Then click "Proceed to Checkout"

5. Select your desired shipping option. If you select free shipping, your "Order Summary" in the top right corner of the Amazon page will look like this:


If Amazon is not the featured seller
We pick up at Step #2 from the "Deal Summary" above. If Amazon is not the featured seller, locate the seller option in the right-side of the Amazon product page under the heading "More Buying Options".

Once you locate the "" option, press "Add to Cart".

Then visit the Panasonic 45-200mm page. If Amazon is the featured-seller, add it to cart. If Amazon is not the featured seller, locate it on the right side of the product page screen under the "More Buying Options". Once you locate the "", add to cart.

Then click proceed to checkout and you will see the "$250 discount" subtracted from your total!


Prices and availability change all the time
Please note that both prices and availability change all the time at Amazon, and so do the featured sellers on each product page.

This post is not updated automatically! If you do notice any changes, please feel free to let us know because we cannot keep checking prices and availability every 15 minutes.

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