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June 30, 2009

Catching up with recent Pentax K7 happenings

You don't have to be a buzz-o-meteraholic to notice that the Olympus E-P1 has taken over the conversation in the photo-blogo-sphere and the Pentax K7 buzz has "retreated" mostly to the Pentaxian world. But there is still some K7 action going on!

For example, lens review site and its english counter-part have posted samples taken with the new WR kit lenses, the 18-55mm DA WR and the 50-200mm DA WR. And if Pentax is looking for a theme song for their digital lenses, may I suggest Trio's catchy "DA DA DA" ;-)

And now something tangible and technical too, the K7's precision autofocus is discussed in-depth at Falk Lumo, aka FalconEye from the Pentax forums.

Video killed the digital-stills star? Very unlikely but DSLR-Video continues to generate excitement. For one, Falk Lumo has posted a three-part series on K7 video. This is an in-depth technical look and it is a highly recommended reading for anyone interested in K7 and video! Continuing with video, RiceHigh has compiled a list of half a dozen K7 YouTubes.

One more video, posted at the Insider, the train and the K7. If you don't like the K7, you'll probably title this: "The K7 missed the train" :-)

Now back to the stills, Foto Actualidad has spotted K7 full-size samples posted at

There is a party in the dpreview forums, as the K7 has made the top ten in sales in Japan according to one of the industry "measurers".

This blog is intended to hub of sorts, so we try to present a variety of sites and opinions. So, if you were looking for a new place to talk Pentax, and you are a fan of the Yahoo Groups format, then be sure to check the recently launched RiceHigh Pentax forums.

And if you missed yesterday's post, SilkyPix is adding K7 support.

And we close with something not-quite-K7, but it still has a Pentax and a 7 in its name ;-) Sample pictures of the X70 megazoom has been posted by Imaging Recourse.

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