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June 11, 2009

A week without a Pentax K7 roundup (but there's one right now!)

It's been a week since we had a "proper" Pentax K7 roundup (you can see all our previous updates at the K7 mini-blog), but fear not, we have a new roundup for you right here, right now!

Sample Pictures
Rice High has spotlighted some pictures from flickr user tempete_de_pixel, who is making them available at full-size.

Chief Pentaxian Ned Bunnell has a couple of updates. He reveals that the K7 is a co-winner of the "Advanced DSLR" category at the American Photo magazine. He also posts some examples of the "Custom Image Presets", and the HDR capture mode.

You may recall Frank's hands-on report in the ClubSnap forums, but he has also posted a version of the report at the PentaxForums forums with sample pictures and lots more.

Action in the
Which cameras should the K7 be compared to asks this thread. What is fair and what is reasonable? The Pentaxians opine!

Action in the dpreview forums
A dpreview thread points out a picture through the PDML list.

The American Photo award is celebrated in this thread.

You may also notice at the bottom of the front page of the Pentax SLR Talk forums there is a new feature, a list of the top 30 active forum users. There are quite a few recognizable names there.

And from an Xs and Os, this is one way to get people to pick up the momentum in the number of posts. You could be a post away from entering the Top 30!

Most Unusual...
And if you missed it, here is our semi-serious look at the Pentax K7 excitement.

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