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May 27, 2009

The forgotten Olympus E450 gets its first review

Lost in the shuffle between the Olympus E620 and their upcoming Micro Four Thirds Big Bang is the still-adorable Olympus E450, the fourth camera in the Olympus E4XX Four Thirds series. So lost, that some may have forgotten it even exists. But Photography Blog has just posted a review of the camera. Sample pictures, at full-size are available in JPEG, but also some in RAW as well, which is a big plus for photographers who want to see what they can produce out of a camera's RAW files, not what a reviewer can (or cannot) do with them.

The E450 is not even available for pre-order yet, however, its predecessor (the E420) is one of the bang-for-the-buck DSLR at the moment if you can live without sensor-shift image stabilization. If not, the slightly larger E520 is also a great bang-for-the-buck DSLR.

Here are the best E420 prices at the moment (among the reputable retailers we track):
+ body only: $314 by Beach Camera on Amazon
+ with 14-42mm DZ lens: $402 at Amazon itself
+ with 25mm pancake: $500 at Amazon itself

By the way, the body-only and 14-42mm kits are listed as "Discontinued" at B&H Photo. The pancake kit however is still in-stock there.

You can also check the E420 reviews at the DSLR Review Organizer.

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