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May 31, 2009

Sony rumors from Japan: two SAM and two full-frame lenses coming

In this post talking about the Tokina lenses for Alpha rumor, one of our readers, Dilan, is pointing us to the Japanese photofan forums, where the rumor says that Sony will be announcing the previously rumored Alpha A500 and A550 along with two new lenses, the 10-24mm SAM (SAL-1024) and the 18-250mm SAM (SAL-18250-2) in June.

And in the fall, the rumor says, there will be two 35mm-full-frame lenses, (we assume f2.8?), the 28-75mm (28-75 SAM (SAL-2875) and 70-200 SAM (SAL-70200). There was a Minolta 28-75mm f2.8 (D) lens produced at 5000 units per month according to our old monthly production output database. (PS: The computer-translated links with Worldlingo are broken in that post. Web-services need to learn not to break their url format every few months!)

Please keep in mind that these are rumors, they are not official announcements! They were posted on May 30 Japanese time.

Thanks to Dilan for the tip!

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