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May 18, 2009

Sigma DP2 gets a review at Photo Review (let the debates begin!)

If you thought you could take a breath, think again! Now, hot off the e-wires, is a review of the promising Sigma DP2 posted at Photo Review!

As usual we won't reveal their findings, findings that are bound to generate a lot of heated discussions. The site has both real-world sample pictures along with plenty of measurable Imatest graphs and test results. The review also frequently compares to their experience with the Sigma DP1 [reviews], which they tested last year.

We've already seen a number of sample pictures and first-impressions on the DP2 (see RAWsumer blog), although some could argue that a lot of the samples we saw so far came from the "converted", which has its pros and cons. This is the first review-site test of the camera!

One thing that has been apparent from the start, is that the Foveon sensor is in some ways "trapped" inside Sigma camera bodies. With Sigma making less than one new camera per year, they are clearly not at the same level of camera design, operation and performance as the major camera manufacturers.

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