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May 14, 2009

Review Train: DXoMark, E620 again, Panasonic TS1 and TZ6 (ZS1)

This edition of the Review Train has a little bit of everything in terms of camera sizes, from medium format to 1/2.3" point-and-shoots.

Medium Format data
Medium format cameras are getting some pixel-peepiential love! DXOMark has posted their detailed technical data from the Hasselblad H3Dii-50, and Phase One P65+, which got recently reviewed at PDN Pulse.

DSLR Reviews
Yesterday we mentioned the RAW files, today Focus Numerique has completed la review du Olympus E620. You can use the area at the top of the page to jump to different parts of the review. Les conclusions are under the Conclusion/Verdict. The review has been added to the E620 review cluster, and we now have about eight reviews on the camera, along with a few ISO comparisons.

Compact Reviews
The Panasonic TS1 (FT1), recognizable by its bright-orange body option, has received another review, this one at DP Interface. Already, the camera has received praise in its previous reviews. The conclusions segment is long, but as always, we won't reveal them here. There's also an ISO-range comparison, although the raison d^etre of this camera is not related to noise.

The Panasonic TZ6, just like the TZ4, feels like it is the "other girl". The TZ7 and TZ5 get all the attention, and the TZ6/TZ4 stay on the sidelines. But that doesn't mean they are not capable cameras, does it? Well, one way to find out is to check out reviews, and one such review is now out, at DigiCamReview.

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