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May 06, 2009

Review round-up: Canon SX1is, Hot Shoe Diaries, Ricoh CX1, and more

It has been a few days since we caught up with some of the reviews out there. To appease book fans, we start with a book review - Joe McNally's hot-selling "Hot Shoe Diaries", reviewed at Alpha Mount World.

And now off to DSLRs, with a wave of reviews hitting the shores of the new multi-photographer website You will find there five DSLR reviews by Peter K. Burian, who you may know from photography magazines and camera guides. The five DSLRs being the D700, D300, D90, 40D and E30.

And now to the compacts, DC-Resource (now with a new multi-page review format) tests out the Canon SX1is, a camera that has had a rocky start in the review-o-sphere considering its price and the (fair or unfair) expectations for Canon's own CMOS sensors for compacts. As usual, we won't spoil the findings, but you can find the conclusions and pros/cons on page #4, where we also learn that a review of the Sony HX1 is in the pipeline. The review has been added to the list of reviews for the SX1is.

And in an attempt to feature beyond the "usual brands", here is an on-going blog-style review of the Ricoh CX1 by photographer Nick Bland. You may recall his in-forum interactive review of the CX1 posted a few days ago in the dpreview Ricoh forum.

And now something for hardcore pixel peepers. To the "untrained eye" this may be "just a ruler", but this kit is a whole lot more! Imaging Resource puts it to the test. The device in question? The Long Ruler for the LensAlign Pro system by Michael Tapes.

If you are too tired to read, we have something for you too! Camera Labs has posted 7-minute video tour of the Panasonic TZ7. The video is available in both HD and "regular" format. Face recognition demo at around the 85-second mark!

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