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May 25, 2009

Pentax K7 video double-feature at the Imaging Insider (new: Lens Road Map leak?)

The Imaging Insider spotlights two new Pentax K7-themed videos! The first video uses the Panasonic GH1 to cover the Pentax K7 launch event in Japan. Will this cause a tear in the fabric of the camera-universe? One hot camera shooting another's event? :) You'll also see some of the Japanese K7 promotional posters in the video.

The second video is a new machine-gun audio comparison, squaring off the shutter sounds of the K7 versus the feared and revered Nikon D3. Mention the name "D3" and the Canon 1D Mark III hides in the corner and tries to autofocus in the dark ;-) (just kidding 1DMk3 fans!)

Update: Lens Road Map leak?
From "Mr Blurry camera phone" we now move to "Mr Fingers" as Rice High and the various Pentax forums discuss what looks like a lens road map leak. "Mr Fingers" because the guy who took the shots covers some of the interesting bits (presumably) of the lens road map with his fingers. Even the status-screen-speculated lens of (50mm f1.0) has made a guest appearance. A leak or an elaborate fan-addict dream/wishlist? We blog, you decide!

And one more K7-thing, one of the regular Pentaxians in the dpreview forum has tried the camera and he has been sharing his impressions.

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