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May 24, 2009

Pentax K7 showcased in Japan (reports by two sites) plus one 645D print-picture

We started the day with K7, we close the day with K7! As you may recall, there were events scheduled in Japan by Pentax to promote their new star camera, and the Japanese websites were there to report!

We start with To find this K7 post, scroll down to the May 24 (5/24) entry of their website, as they do not have direct links. They have has tons of camera body pictures. They also have pictures of prints of pictures taken with the camera. They are presented framed on the wall. They obviously have no pixel-peeper value since they are really tiny , but they show a comparison of ISO 800 vs 1600 vs 3200. Again, these are pictures of prints taken with the camera, they are not direct pictures from the camera. Another set of comparisons shows HDR1 vs HDR2 vs HDR-OFF.

Then we visit DC Watch where they have their own report from the Pentax K7 experience event. They have plenty of camera body pictures as well, while one of the people called the camera "small luxury". This is computer-translated, so we are not sure if this is what was intended to be said :)

And to make Pentax 645D fans happy, at the bottom of the DC-Watch page mentioned above, there is a picture of a print taken with the 645D. It appears to be a large print of foliage.

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