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May 2009 (182 posts)

May 31: (DISCOUNT is OVER) Amazon itself discounts Canon 5D Mark II to $2500 (ships in 2 to 5 weeks)
May 31: (Surprising) Impact Review: Canon 1000D (Digital Rebel XS) at TDP
May 31: Canon's Orwellian work environment exposed!
May 31: New Pentax K7 HD-video compilation by Ned Bunnell
May 31: Revelation - these Leica lenses are compatible with the Panasonic Micro Four Thirds adapter
May 31: Sony rumors from Japan: two SAM and two full-frame lenses coming
May 31: 1cm macros at 24mm with the Panasonic LX3 at DCWatch
May 31: The Weekly Review has been posted!
May 30: Price drop alert: Panasonic 45-200mm f4-5.6 delivered for $268
May 30: Goodbye Pentax K30D name!
May 30: Another Pentax K7 round-up: hands-on report and new samples
May 30: What would you pick? Panasonic GH1 or Pentax K7?
May 30: Galbraith re-examines Canon 1D Mark III autofocus (firmware 1.2.5)
May 30: Hands-on with the Leica Noctilux 50mm f0.95
May 29: Panasonic GH1 real-world sample images (JPEG and RAW)
May 29: Engadget test-drives the GigaPan Epic 100
May 29: Panasonic announces new LX3 firmware (but no updates on availability)
May 29: A new look at how Digital killed the Analog Star
May 29: Short Panasonic GH1 review at Akihabara News
May 28: What's the latest news on the Pentax K7?
May 28: The iPhone app for Canon DSLRs has been approved
May 28: ISO Wars: Panasonic GH1 vs G1 vs Nikon D5000 vs Canon 500D (T1i)
May 28: New Sony Cybershot W190 and W180 come out in Europe
May 28: Want more? Follow us on Twitter!
May 28: Rumor: Tokina lenses for the Sony Alpha mount coming?
May 27: Panasonic 7-14mm f4 lens taking pre-orders at $1100
May 27: Sigma DP2 review by Ken Tanaka at TOP
May 27: ACDSee Pro 3 Beta is available for free testing
May 27: Multimedia Spotlight: Color management and DIY Studio (updated)
May 27: Double-alert: Panasonic ZS3 black in-stock and discounted at $370
May 27: Camera Heresy: Use Last Year's Model?
May 27: Canon fails to understand blogging and new media (revisited)
May 27: The forgotten Olympus E450 gets its first review
May 27: Four Thirds coalition takes over CIPA!
May 27: New Canon 500D (T1i) review at PhotoZone
May 26: Panasonic GH1 sample pictures at DC Resource
May 26: Studio test samples from the Sony Alpha A330 (RAW and JPEG)
May 26: Manual exposure to be added to Canon 5DMk2 video mode via firmwre update
May 26: Review Train: Canon T1i, 5DMk2, Nikon D90, and Sony A330 test samples
May 26: Steve Huffs reviews the Leica M8.2
May 26: Affordable full-frame dreams for Sony Alpha under consideration?
May 25: 1001 Noisy Cameras is now on the Kindle!
May 25: Pentax K7 video double-feature at the Imaging Insider (new: Lens Road Map leak?)
May 25: Jam-packed Olympus E620 review by
May 25: Sony Alpha A330 samples at ISO 1600 and 3200 with NR ON and OFF
May 25: Nikon D3X test results posted by Imaging Resource
May 25: On lenses, lens reviewers and forum complaints
May 25: (EXPIRED) Deal alert: 24-inch Dell S2409W Full HD Monitor for $200 (until Tuesday 7am Central)
May 24: Pentax K7 showcased in Japan (reports by two sites) plus one 645D print-picture
May 24: Price alert: Nikon D90 body only delivered for $885
May 24: Meet the new Blog Cat!
May 24: Sony Cybershot HX1 gets reviewed by DC-Resource
May 24: Sony Alpha A550 and A500 DSLR names leaked
May 24: Weekly Summary just posted
May 24: (ALL SOLD OUT) Panasonic LX3s WAS in-stock at B&H (update #2)
May 24: Pentax K7 preview from Korea
May 24: Another Digital Rebel T1i review - this one at Camera Labs
May 23: Thankfully the name EVolt is no longer used on Olympus DSLRs
May 23: Circuit City returns online, now owned by Systemax (Tigerdirect, CompUSA)
May 22: Panasonic GH1 with 7-14mm samples at 43rds User
May 22: New Canon T1i/500D review and its first major discount ($50 off!)
May 22: Pentax K7 Inside Baseball: text of K7 brochure
May 22: 31 full-size Panasonic GH1 sample pictures at Pho Blog (RAW available!)
May 21: A day after the Pentax K7 announcement (roundup)
May 21: (SOLD OUT) LX3K was briefly in-stock at Amazon for $500
May 21: Camera abuse! The Nikon D700 needs therapy after this!
May 21: Most popular camera diaries in April 2009
May 21: dpreview editorial on DSLRs, maturity, usability and more
May 21: Canon vs Nikon, DSLR-Video edition, two takes (T1i/500D and D5000)
May 21: Panasonic 14-140mm M43 lens priced at 800 UK pounds (stand-alone)
May 21: Panasonic announces Lumix-branded Leica M and R adaptors (for M43)
May 20: (SOLD OUT) Deal alert: Panasonic FZ28K delivered for $255
May 20: Pentax K7 and WR lenses production numbers revealed!
May 20: New Cosina Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f1.1 lens for 1000 euro
May 20: More new Alpha samples, and the A330 takes the ISO Elevator
May 20: Six full-size Sony Alpha A380 real-world samples at Let's Go
May 20: New Kodak Easyshare M420 P&S starts at 28mm wide in Europe
May 20: Wave of new updates coming in the next few minutes
May 20: New Pentax 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 DA WR lens will sell for just $200
May 20: New Pentax DA 50-200mm f4-5.6 WR lens at a reasonable $250
May 20: Countdown to the Pentax K7 announcement
May 19: Engadget evaluates a handful compact digital cameras
May 18: Canon Digital Rebel T1i/500D review by CNet Asia
May 18: Sigma DP2 gets a review at Photo Review (let the debates begin!)
May 18: Impact review: Panasonic 7-14mm f4 tested at SLRGear
May 18: ISO Comparison: Canon 5DMk2 vs Nikon D90 vs Olympus E620
May 18: Is the new Sony Alpha A380 marginalized by price and megapixels?
May 18: New Sony Alpha A330 DSLR shows megapixel-restraint at ten
May 18: New Sony Alpha A230 DSLR replaces the Alpha A200
May 18: PDN Pulse says Pop Photo and American Photo have new owners
May 18: New Sony 30mm f2.8 Macro SAM DT lens with a mystery price
May 18: New Sony 50mm f1.8 SAM DT lens goes for just $150
May 18: New Sony 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 SAM DT is the new kit lens (replaces 18-70 DT)
May 18: New Sony 55-200mm SAM DT is part of the new kit-lens duo
May 18: RiceHigh has the detailed Pentax K7 specs and body pictures!
May 18: New Sony HVL-F20AM small flash unit starts at $130
May 18: More Pentax K7 specs revealed
May 18: Panasonic GH1A (kit) and GH1 (body only) Japanese announcement
May 17: The new Sony Alpha DSLRs and lenses are officially official
May 17: (SOLD OUT, discount OVER) All three Olympus E620 kits drop an additional $50
May 17: New Canon Digital Rebel T1i/500D review at InfoSync
May 17: Panasonic GH1 review at CNet, sample pictures and videos elsewhere
May 17: Measuring the mockups: Leica S2 vs Nikon D3x vs Mamiya 645AFD
May 17: Sony press release goes live: two new DT primes, new kit lenses, and flash
May 16: New high-ISO comparison at Camera Labs: Ti1/500D vs D5000 vs E620
May 16: Three 25mm f0.95 lenses enter a Micro Four Thirds bar
May 16: First Olympus E450 sample pictures at Let's Go Digital
May 16: Nikon D5000 unboxing and ISO-range samples at Photography Review
May 16: Weekend Shopper (Corel X2 Ultimate, Fuji F100fd, K2000, FX35s)
May 16: A trio of Sony Alpha DSLRs leak in Germany (A380, A330, A230)
May 15: Apparently there is a new Pentax Optio E75 entry-level P&S compact
May 15: Awards for D700, 5DMk2, G1, EX-FC100 by Camera Press Club Grand Prix in Japan
May 15: Free TypePad Pro blogs for qualified Journalists
May 15: Escrava K7-Isaura - free the specs now! (new Pentax K7 roundup) (corrections!)
May 15: Canon Digital Rebel Ti1 500D review at Register Hardware
May 14: Full frame wars: D700 vs A900 vs Canon 5D Mark II
May 14: In-stock alert: Nikon D5000 body only for $730
May 14: Panasonic dominates the dpreview FunZoom group test
May 14: Curiosity factor: Pentax X70 review at Digital Camera Review
May 14: Review Train: DXoMark, E620 again, Panasonic TS1 and TZ6 (ZS1)
May 13: Olympus Japan declares June 15 announcement day
May 13: Canon T1i/500D ISO comparisons at The Digital Picture
May 13: What are we waiting for? (rumors and expectations)
May 12: Galleries Galore at DCResource (T1i/500D, D5000, E620, HX1, SP590uz)
May 12: New Sigma DP2 RAWpack from Carl Rytterfalk
May 12: Panasonic GH1 in the bloom: PL lenses, Joshua Tree and Philip Bloom
May 12: New Olympus E620 reviews at Digital Camera Review, Pop Photo June issue
May 12: New Olympus E620 RAW samples available at Focus Numerique
May 11: New Canon Digital Rebel T1i/500D review, this one at Photo Review
May 11: All of my Pentax K7 children (the last four days)
May 11: Reader's Gear on eBay alert: 13 listings ending very soon!
May 11: Phase One P65+ reviewed by PDN Gear Guide (yes, a medium format review!)
May 11: Hot topics revisited: Full frame vs Not Full Frame, JPEG vs RAW
May 11: The world revolves around Sigma DP2 pictures today
May 11: Panasonic TZ7 (ZS3) gets reviewed by Steve's Digicams
May 11: Canon Instant Rebates (end July 11, 2009)
May 10: Trendspotting: The Google and the SLR manufacturers
May 10: Sony HX1 review by photographer Steve Huff
May 10: Reader's first impressions with the Sigma DP2
May 10: Week in review now posted at Blog2
May 10: Canon Digital Rebel T1i/500D review out at DP Interface
May 10: New top selling camera charts: New models retreat, Sony's S-series does well
May 9: Blast from the Past: The DSLR Market as of February 2008
May 9: Tip of the hat: Top ten blogs featuring this blog (April 2009)
May 8: Rebolutionary gallery: T1i/500D samples at DP Interface
May 8: First impressions with the Sigma DP2
May 8: Deal: Pop Photo for $9, American Photo for $8 (one-year subscriptions)
May 7: Panasonic GH1: State of the Nation
May 7: Pixel-peeping the Panasonic GH1 at Imaging Resource
May 7: Pentax K7: The calm before the storm (no new news)
May 7: Prime lens wars at 50mm f1.4 (Nikon, Sigma, Zeiss)
May 7: Nikon D5000 gets a review at Digital Camera Review
May 6: New Wozofoto of the day: "Paris" by Alex Budak
May 6: Review round-up: Canon SX1is, Hot Shoe Diaries, Ricoh CX1, and more
May 6: Please stop copying without proper credit/reference
May 6: Sigma DP2 now shipping for exactly $650
May 6: (SOLD OUT) Deal or no deal? Refurbished Nikon D90 body only for $700
May 6: Peter Burian reviews the Nikon D700
May 5: Readers Gear on eBay (May 2009 edition)
May 5: Leica M8 review at AIRC, powered by DXoMaRk
May 5: Amazon taking Panasonic GH1 orders (estimates shipping in 1 to 2 months)
May 5: Olympus Twitter says "Olympus M4/3rds camera worth waiting for"
May 5: Sigma DP2 shipping right now but with a $70 premium
May 5: New Olympus E620 at Photo Review
May 5: Panasonic FT1 (TS1) review at CNet Asia
May 4: Rumor roundup: Sony DSLR chatter increases
May 4: (EXPIRED) Free 2-Day shipping on select cameras from Amazon (limited time offer)
May 4: DC Resource launches new multi-page review format
May 4: Big victory for consumers, retailers and the free market: Maryland bans minimum pricing agreements
May 4: Impact review: Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX at SLR Gear
May 3: Discover New Sites: comedy, parody and satire
May 3: Panasonic GH1 available for preoder for $1500 (with 14-140mm lens)
May 3: Leica M8.2 sample pictures by former photojournalist
May 3: Follow us on Twitter!
May 3: ISO Wars: D90 vs E620 vs XSi/450D at Camera Labs
May 2: Sony Alpha A330 name and two lenses leaked (no specs, just name)
May 2: The Bold and the K7: sketch of front, picture of upper-front
May 2: DSLR ISO Wars: Canon T1i vs Nikon D5000 vs Olympus E620
May 1: ISO Wars: Canon SX1is vs Sony HX1
May 1: Price drops now: Olympus E620, E30, E3 and the E420 2-lens kit
May 1: DSLRs and Superzooms flourish, Canon SD780IS invades the Top 25 (new top selling camera charts)
May 1: DSLR sales in UK (March 2009) a mixed bag


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