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May 15, 2009

Escrava K7-Isaura - free the specs now! (new Pentax K7 roundup) (corrections!)

We continue with the soap-opera theme in the long march to the K7 revelation! Our previous update was *gasp* four days ago. You can catch with the previous updates by checking the K7 mini-blog. So what has happened since then? For one thing, we have a real announcement, a new K7 book is coming out on July 7!

More Speculative (updated - Oddcast was created by fan, not Ned)
We start with something speculative. We mentioned yesterday in the rumor diary, mostly for entertainment purposes, a short clip by Ned Bunnell an ethusiastic Pentax fan created the Oddcast jokingly saying that K7 will have mp3 playback and a strobing display. This was, according to the Pentax fan (visit him on Twitter), created for entertainment purposes only and not related to the actual specs. See it at Oddcast via dpreview forum via CrunchGear.

The Oddcast post was not created by Ned Bunnell, but rather by an enthusiastic Pentax fan (visit him on Twitter)! So cancel this speculation: Now the mp3 playback is a standard joke on DSLR feature-sets, however, the second part raised our suspicions in that it may be including a secret, just like JJ Abrams of Lost, Alias, Star Trek et al is leaving mysteries and riddles everywhere, even on the Colbert Report. Is an EVF not a strobing display that "strobes" at 30fps or faster? :)

And it was with interest we noticed Unrelated to the Oddcast, is this thread at the Pentax Forums talking about EVF displays. Cateto's blog takes a more detailed look at the EVF possibility, which includes a reference to a Pentax patent.

Again, please note this segment is more speculative than the rest of the rumoralia in this post.

Other K7 rumors and discussions
On the more concrete (or less speculative) front, a picture of the camera front and back surfaced in the Pentax Forums mega-thread which is now close to 3000 replies. The picture (page #166 of Mega-Thread) is further discussed at Cateto's blog.

On the hype front, RiceHigh, a well-known "tough love" Pentax fan, has created his own K7 teaser adding to the hype.

There's a whole lot more in the forums, just check out the PentaxForums forums and dpreview Pentax SLR forum for a lot more.

Those who know but can't reveal
Yvon knows what the K7 is about. However, Pentax Japan has sent two ninjas that are following him everywhere he goes, so unfortunately he cannot post the specs. However, he says on his blog that he is excited and is planning on releasing his K-7 book on July 7! This will be a print-format book. So here we go, we have the first official K7-related announcement :)

This is good time to run to the library and borrow the Rosetta Stone(d) CDs and start learning Spanish :) Quesabesde has a new promotion (contest) where the lucky winner will receive a K7 and the two runner-ups will receive computers. Here is the computer-translation.

In Other Pentax News
OK1000 has an interesting tidbit on Pentax history, it involves a new Pentax camera, Stanley Kubrick and Space Odyssey. This is of general Pentax interest, it is not related to the K7.

Meanwhile, a new 10-day instant rebate has gone live for Pentax cameras, that includes the P70, E70 and the 2-lens kit for the K2000. We have just posted a price-breakdown of the K2000 kits at the Camera Deals blog (which you can easily access from anywhere as

We mentioned a few days ago that Pentax-related searches spiked in "the Google" when the K7 rumors started picking up momentum. Now let's see another Google Trends graph. Click on "1yr" and "Max" below to see a different view. The graphs both here and also in the aforementioned spot are LIVE, meaning they are showing current data, they are not snapshots at a point in time. So if you are reading this after the posting date, the results may be different :)

And now something silly
This is a joke! I repeat this is a joke: One photographer managed to sneak into the Pentax secret R&D Labs and take a picture of a revolutionary new sensor configuration that is sweeter than the Fuji SuperCCD: check it out. I repeat this is a joke! I hope I put enough warnings around it :)

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