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May 01, 2009

DSLRs and Superzooms flourish, Canon SD780IS invades the Top 25 (new top selling camera charts)

Welcome to a new edition of the top selling digital camera charts soap-opera. Avoid the spoilers and jump to the Top 100 with the aforementioned link, or see a screenshot teaser and faux-analysis right below!


Top 25 Vitals
+ six DSLRs (3 Canon, 3 Nikon)
+ two RAWsumers
+ five superzooms
+ one camera under $100

Canon SD780IS invades the Top 25
This is the Canon SD780 IS invasion! A discount over the starting price was the trigger point and now we have three different colors of the camera in the Top 25. One of them, the black finish, has jumped in at #10.

DSLRs continue to do well
Sadly for fans of other brands, this is a Canon vs Nikon affair, just like a battle between Good and Evil, where there is no place for anything in-between ;-) Canon leads the way with two in the Top 10, including the newly released T1i/500D kit, but Nikon has the most expensive camera in the Top 25 (see the [Top Price] tag), the D90 with the 18-105 DX lens.

Sony HX1: The SuperZoom Wars just got more exciting
Despite not getting a "highly recommended" at dpreview, the Sony Cybershot HX1 has generated more initial interest than any other Sony-branded zoom that we have observed in this Amazon Top Selling Charts. Helped by its first discount, it has jumped inside the Top 10, challenging the Panasonic duo for the top superzoom spot.

Meanwhile Canon has caught itself by surprise. Its two new models are still glued to the starting price, which is not usually a recipe for brisk sales, especially the SX1is with its $600 price and less than stellar reviews. Adding insult to injury is a price hike for their 2008 models (SX10is and SX110is) which is also not a good way to pick up sales.

This is probably the first time in many months that a superzoom digital camera from a manufacturer other than Panasonic, has finished ahead of Canon in this on-going soap-opera charts.

Mother's Day early success for Sony
The very reasonably priced pink Sony S980 bundle has already entered the Top 25. They are offering it at the same price as the standard kits, $150, and throwing in a bonus camera case and 2gb Memory Stick. Of course this is not just for Mothers, it's just that every Mother's Day there is an increase in pink-camera specials. This is not to say that all Mothers like pink cameras, so be sure to find out before buying.

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