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May 23, 2009

Circuit City returns online, now owned by Systemax (Tigerdirect, CompUSA)

Yes, Systemax, a Fortune 1000 company (properties) has bought the Circuit City name, website, and other leftovers on May 19. The Circuit City website has been relaunched, and this under new management page tries to explain it all. The reborn Circuit City website is now alive, and it has visual hints of its old familiar red-based user-interface, although not the same.

There is however an action item for you, if you were a former Circuit City customer. They will be transferring some of the Circuit City customer data (purchase history, name, address, but not credit card numbers) to the new owners. And they have created a very small opt-out window if you want your personal data to be purged instead. They claim that you must opt-out by June 9.

They even created a Twitter account.

Systemax has also purchased the name and other assets of CompUSA after it went down and then revitalized it. Their most popular property is probably online tech discounter Tigerdirect.

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