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May 25, 2009

1001 Noisy Cameras is now on the Kindle!

Yes Kindle fans, you can now subscribe to this noisy blog on your lovely Kindle! Amazon is currently offering this blog with a FREE 14-day trial subscription and after that the monthly subscription is 99 cents.

A big thank you to the TypePad Customer Support for their help in getting this blog ready for Kindlification!

If you have a Kindle and you are reading this blog on the Kindle, please send us pictures or videos, and we will feature them on this blog! Remember, the first 14 days are FREE, so you have nothing to lose.

Please note that Amazon also has bridge technology for the iPhone and iPod Touch, so you can use some of your Kindle subscriptions and material on your iPhone/iPod. Please refer to the Amazon Help Pages or customer support or the various iPhone/iPod websites and forums for more details.


Photography Blogs already on the Kindle
Already a number of camera and photography blogs have made their way to KindleLand, and we suspect many more will spring up in the next few weeks! Here is a sampling of some of the blogs currently available for Kindle subscriptions. The monthly subscription fees after the free 14-day trial are either 99c or $1.99. The prices are set by Amazon, not by the bloggers.

+ Imaging Insider - wide-angle view of imaging and photography news
+ Strobist - lighting and more lighting
+ Photopreneur - entrepreneuring photo-style
+ Thomas Hawk Digital Connection - Thomas Hawk on photography
+ Photojojo - the world of Photojojo
+ JMG Galleries - photographer
+ Scott Wyden Imagery - photographer
+ Smug Blog by Don McKaskill of SmugMug
+ Camera Dojo - photographer
+ and many more

We can't list them all, but you can find them by searching for "cameras" or "photography" at the Kindle blogs page.


Additional Notes
1. If you have a TypePad blog with Advanced Templates, it's easy to get Kindlified, contact TypePad Customer Support or send me an email.
2. If you are reading this blog on the Kindle and are experiencing any problems or issues, or have any feedback, please let us know

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