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May 11, 2009

All of my Pentax K7 children (the last four days)

It may feel like an eternity, but it's only been four days since our previous K7 update. So what happened since then?

For one thing, the Pentaxforums mega-thread jumped to 2300+ posts! Way past the 2000 mark. So what were the rumors/leaks that caused this new explosion in posting?

1. picture of weather-resistant 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 AL WR kit lens (yes, kit lens!)
2. official Pentax teasers posted around the world
3. picture showing f1.0 in LCD status screen and 1/8000
4. "mystery surprise feature" makes a translated comeback (mystery makes the mind w[o/a]nder, and it becomes a features Camelot)
5. another DSLR expected in the fall, falling somewhere between the Km/K2000 and the new K7
6. banging the drums about autofocus improvements and other assorted features by forum user "ogl"

Meanwhile, one of the Pentaxians had enough with all the autofocus-complainers and lets 'em 'ave it.

Around the blogosphere
What do Pentaxians think of K7-video? Yvon had been running a poll on his blog, and now that the polls have closed, he is discussing the results. He is under NDA so he can't reveal any details, but we can always dissect every comma in that post, desperately trying to find hints! Note the choice of words: "great camera".

Meanwhile, RiceHigh rounds up the teasers from around the world. It is nice to see a company get creative with its teasing, and avoid the "Coolpix SQ" debacle, which I am sure wakes up marketing executives of camera companies in the middle of the night, still to this day.

Action in the dpreview forums
We start the dpreview forums round-up in the non-denominational News forum where the K7 opinions are very opinionated to say the least. And before you start reading, guess how many posts it will take before the first car analogy comes up :-)

Next, we move to the Pentax SLR Talk forum with a discussion of flagships. Of course the elephant in the room is ignored, but that's because it's a different species.

As usual there is full-frame lament, and that inspires the unearthing of a full-frame article from 2004.

With nine days to go, there is also plenty of time to analyze the name.

Back to the PentaxForums forums
Our journey concludes where it started, at the busy PentaxForums forums, where more smaller discussions have sprung up.

Already some are adjusting their virtual camera bags to make room for the K7.

The adjustments to the lens road map have not gone unnoticed, so here is another thread speculating on what we may see lens-wise going forward from KVille.

Sleep-blogging is a new condition that may accidentally violate NDAs
The latest research from the School of Psychological Tech Disorders at the University of Fine Arts and Crafts has added "sleep-blogging" as a legitimate disorder that would disqualify anyone affected from any legal or other damages.

So if anyone under "NDA" is suffering from the dreaded "sleep-blogging" condition, and they accidentally post the specs and details of the camera ahead of time, they can be saved by this new diagnosis.

PS: In case it wasn't obvious, this sub-segment is an attempt at a joke!

*** this post is now final ***

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