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May 21, 2009

A day after the Pentax K7 announcement (roundup)

It is time to catch up with the latest happenings in the world of Pentax K7. It may feel like a lot longer but it's actually just one day after the official announcement! So, let's see what's going on. You can also catch-up with all our previous updates.

This post will focus on new information about the camera (new since our previous update). The next K7 post will round up the waves of discussions, reactions and commentaries, both in the blogs and in the forums. There's just too much stuff to try to fit in one humanly readable post.

Sample Pentax K7 pictures
Pentax Japan has released four full-size sample images taken with the camera, two landscapes, one lovely-lady portrait, and one low-light housescape. Two of them were taken by the 12-24mm f4 DA, one with the 55m DA*, and 50-135mm f2.8 SDM.

The "Surf Doc" of the "Chasing Light" blog has added two new pictures to his initial first impressions post, they are at the bottom of the page, but he is also responding to questions about his post in the dpreview Pentax forum and the PentaxForums.

RiceHigh notices that the guy who started the K7 mania with the blurry camera-phone pictures has now posted pre-production samples with the camera!

Info and Reference material
Via Twitter (Rye Clifton), we find this "Dharma Initiative" 8-minute video of a Pentax Colorado employee describing the K7. Enjoy it on YouTube. You have to press the shutter button every 108 seconds, otherwise, ...

Via Rice High, via the Imaging Insider, we have the Pentax Japan in Japanese page (computer-translated). Check RiceHigh for a guide on what to look for in that page if you are not familiar with Japanese or computer-translated Japanese.

Birders like to hear birds sing, cameraholics like to hear shutters click ;-) The mystery video we couldn't play at Quesabesda yesterday includes a K7 vs K20 shutter comparison we are told.

We already mentioned the initial production output numbers in an earlier update today.

As speculated earlier on, The Online Photographer officially denies (not confirms) that the Pentax K7 is his #2 camera in his Top Ten. (edited for technical accuracy, the reading-between-the-lines part is moved to the Comments section)

If you are in Japan, then you can get up-and-close to the Pentax K7 celebrations! Check it out via

Canada gets a price, Henry's has it for $1500 CDN says this thread.

+ Pre-order for $1300: Amazon, Adorama
+ Listed but not orderable: B&H Photo

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