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April 19, 2009

Who's praising my digital camera now? The TIPA 2009 Awards!

The TIPA Awards of 2009 have been revealed at the official TIPA website. They have handed out a total of 40 different awards to various products and technologies. Fans of the winners are celebrating in the streets today. And fans of products that didn't win an award are saying in unison: "who cares about awards?"

There were a lot of "SRL" awards and one "SLR" award - we can safely assume that someone was typing that page a little bit too fast. They probably took the same typing course we did :)

Major Awards by brand
+ Adobe: Lightroom 2
+ Canon: 5D Mark II, G10, Canon TS-E 17mm f4L
+ Casio: no camera awards
+ Fuji: F200 EXR, SuperCCD EXR sensor
+ Hasselblad: H3Dii-50
+ Kodak: no camera awards
+ Leica: M8.2
+ Nikon: D3X, D90
+ Olympus: E620, Tough 8000 SW
+ Panasonic: G-series
+ Pentax: no camera/lens awards
+ Ricoh: no camera awards
+ Sony: Cybershot HX1, 70-400mm f4-5.6G SSM
+ Sigma: 18-250 DC OS HSM
+ Samsung: no camera/lens awards
+ Zeiss: no awards

Who will complain the most? (if they care)
Pentax and Casio are probably the most disappointed of all as they have won zero awards, despite having some interesting products out there.

On the camera front, Panasonic LX3 fans will probably have a beef with the judges, who picked the 15mp G10 instead in its category.

Please note that they pick their awards every April, so if a camera already won a TIPA award in 2008, or was eligible for an award in 2008, it won't be eligible for a 2009 award.

Other Awards
+ Round-up of the Cameras of the Year awards of 2008 from around the net
+ This blog's Reader's Choice awards (November 2008)
+ This blog's own Cameras of the Year awards (December 2008), including the "worse cameras in the world" awards :)
+ Cameras of the Year store - combining the two Noisy Blog winners

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