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April 28, 2009

Weather resistant kit lens enters the K7 conversation

Pentax, through coincidence, or crafty viral marketing, has managed to grab a nice chunk of the spotlight the last few days, interrupted by the release of the two CaNiKon DSLRs (T1i, and D5000). But Pentax keeps on ticking with new rumoralia and leakoralia!

The latest excitement in the PentaxForums mega-thread starts around page #82, where the latest rumorensus (rumor-consensus) is that the kit lens for this camera will be weather-resistant to match the body. Yes, a "WR" kit lens! As you may recall, Pentax K0XD bodies have been elements-tough, however, only a few select (read: expensive) lenses have had the element-toughness to match the bodies. But this may be changing with the launch of the K7 and WR lenses. Also of interest, Rice High is keeping a running spec-sheet of information about the camera. This is not coming officially from Pentax, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is not so.

But the mega-thread has spawned a number of smaller threads that have filled up the PentaxForums forums. You can check them all out at their News and Rumors section. If you plan to go through them all, a pot of coffee is highly recommended, but if you are emotionally-invested in these or easily excited, we suggest mixing in some decaf in the coffee filter :)

New leaked (promotional?) pictures have surfaced from Russia! Check out page #88 and beyond at the PentaxForums mega-thread!

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