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April 06, 2009

Upcoming Nikon DSLR grows a pull-out LCD?

The rumorsphere is buzzing with pictures from a commercial photo-shoot that may have turned out to be an advertisement for an upcoming Nikon DSLR with a pull-out (swiveling) LCD display. Not much else is known in terms of specs, but there are a few pictures of the camera body. Engadget has summarized the leaks.

A discussion of this has started in the dpreview forums where questions arise as to whether this is a Nikon-initiated leak. If you look at the various leaked pictures, it raises questions as to whether an innocent bystander would have so much access to the photoshoot :)

It will be interesting to see what Nikon does in terms of names, as they have painted themselves into a corner, with numbers from D40 to D100 "taken". They will either have to go to DX5, or add letters (for more confusing names), or reboot the naming convention. We hope they don't give it a stupid name like T1i.

Olympus users will once again point out that Olympus was there once again, before the "SLR Traditionalists" at CaNiKon were forced (once again) by the competition, to offer something from the 21st century ;-)

Nikon Rumors has further evidence of this!

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