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April 28, 2009

Review Train: Kodak Z980, new DxOmArKs, Canon SD1200is, etc

Now it is time to catch up with some of the latest reviews that have seen the light of day in the photo-blogo-sphere!

We start with a review of the Kodak Z980 at Steve's Digicams. Yes, this is the superzoom with the vertical grip that has no battery inside. Details and psycho-babble (!) at the RAWsumer blog. No need to repeat the same things twice.

Next up, the OK1000 blog discusses the latest DXOMark data of the Pentax Km/K2000. Are numbers enough to evaluate a camera?

And speaking of DXoMark, apart from the aforementioned Km/K2000, they also published their measureables on the Olympus E30, another DSLR that has generated more debate than originally anticipated. The last sentence being a euphemism for "drama in the forums" :)

Compact Camera Reviews
If you are in a style-priority situation, you may want to be "seen" carrying a stylish camera, one such camera is the Sony T900. Nothing excites a cocktail party crowd more than the latest flagship of the Sony T-series. And with that as a completely unnecessary introduction, here is the T900 review at DP Interface, one of the underrated review sites out there.

There is too much RAW confusion when it comes to the Olympus SP590uz. The just-posted review at Photo Review states that the camera only records JPEG, there is no RAW option. Others say that the camera does indeed have RAW. Unfortunately this is not Dvorak's Chaos Manor, we do not have each camera model neatly mounted on the wall, so we cannot check it for you.

Curiosity reviews
In addition to the Z980 mentioned above, Steve's Digicams has posted two more "curiosity reviews". By that we mean new cameras that haven't been heavily reviewed yet, so there is a curiosity factor in seeing how they did, even among people who are not particularly interested in the cameras themselves.

And this is the first (and rather ugly) waterproof Canon camera, the (did we mention ugly?) Powershot D10 getting its first "Big Six review" at Steve's Digicams. Of course the purpose of this camera is to take pictures and not be afraid of the water, but it still is ugly :)

The second such review is the new mass-market Elph, the SD1200is. All apologies, we don't recall its Ixus and Ixy model numbers, way too many of them to remember any more. This follows up on the SD1100is which followed up on the SD1000 and they were all the affordable entry-point in the cutesy boxy Elph line-up during their time. It is available in six or so colors, and the latest Amazon prices by the reputable sellers there are trending towards $200 even.

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