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April 28, 2009

Nikon D700, the new DSLR Playoffs Champion

Coached by Phyl Jacksson, the Nikon DSLR Team won the 2007 DSLR playoffs thanks to the dynamic duo of the D3 and D300. And now Team Nikon is the new 2009 DSLR Playoff champion with the D700!

The outcome of each round was determined by you, the Readers, voting and deciding each matchup. You made the D700 the champion! The D700 maintained a stable 10+ point lead over its bitter rival, the Canon 5DMk2, and got a close but not uncomfortable victory with 56-44 (percentage). Volumes will not be written to explain this outcome, but we have learned that when we launch the next DSLR Playoffs, we will also include "exit polls" in critical match-ups to find out why people voted for or against a particular camera.

Most websites post pictures of the front of the camera, so we will do the opposite, by posting a picture of the back of the camera, picture courtesy of the Nikon Press Center.


Meet the new Champion
Now let us meet the new champion. The D700 was officially announced in July 2008, and generated a lot of interest, as it was perceived as a "D3 for the rest of us" type of a camera. The excitement was such, that we immediately launched the Old-Blog equivalent of a diary, the D700 mania.

As we moved to this new green blog, the "Mania" became a camera diary, where we still post new tidbits about the camera.

But the fastest way to learn a lot about a camera is to immerse yourself in the camera reviews. Which is where the list of reviews comes handy. We are using a proprietary three-column format using a secret algorithm in order to give the reader who is not planning to read every single review out there a wider angle of opinions by reading an equal number of reviews from each column.

Best D700 prices right now
Among the reputable online retailers we track on a regular basis, the best prices we have found are as follows: Body-only for $2352 at, and kit with 24-105L (oh dear!) 24-120mm lens for $2800 also at Both prices are for units sold and shipped by Amazon itself, not by 3rd party sellers. Maybe Jeff Bezos is playing Segway golf with the Nikon execs, that's why they have a better price ;-)

Nikon D700 fans...
...please free free to use the comment area below to celebrate your hard-fought victory! But please don't get too drunk and remember to drive your mouse responsibly!

Please also note that due to a new wave of spam that defeats the anti-spam filter, all comments are held in moderation, but we usually get to them quickly as long as we are near a computer.

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