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April 2009 (132 posts)

April 30: David Pogue reviews the Panasonic GH1 (we review his use of the word S.L.R)
April 30: Reactions to the Fuji F200EXR review
April 30: The camera speaks: Specifications for its ideal photographer
April 30: Fuji F200 EXR gets the dpreview review!
April 30: Canon Digital Rebel T1i (500D) now shipping
April 30: Sigma DP2: State of the nation
April 30: Who's praising us now?
April 29: New Commenting system by Intense Debate
April 29: New medium format: Phase One P40 Plus with Sensor Plus (40-megapixels)
April 29: ISO wars and giant hands-on preview: D5000 vs T1i vs E620
April 29: Subscribe to the latest blog updates by email (once a day)
April 29: Implementation fail: Nikon Coolpix S230
April 29: Canon SX200is reviews catch-up-a-thon
April 28: First Nikon D5000 technical review is out!
April 28: Panasonic TZ7 gets another review, this time at Digital Camera Review
April 28: Engadget hosts a Nikon civil war (D5000 vs D90)
April 28: Panasonic LX3 no longer in-stock (sold out everywhere)
April 28: Weather resistant kit lens enters the K7 conversation
April 28: Review Train: Kodak Z980, new DxOmArKs, Canon SD1200is, etc
April 28: Nikon D700, the new DSLR Playoffs Champion
April 27: Nikon D5000 first look and yes, D5000 is shipping from multiple retailers!
April 27: New interactive Ricoh CX1 review by Nick Bland
April 27: Luminous comparison: Fuji F200 vs Panasonic TZ7 vs Canon SX200is
April 27: In-stock alert: Olympus E620 body only shipping for $700 now!
April 27: Comment moderation is ON due to new wave of spam
April 26: DSLRs and SuperZooms are now the majority in the Top 25
April 26: As the Pentax K7 world turns (and a Megapixels vs FPS poll)
April 26: Camera manufacturers, has this ever happened to you?
April 26: 5DMk2 news: new review and in-stock at two
April 25: Friendly reminder: If you copy, please include a reference/link
April 24: Panasonic GH1 unboxing, sample pictures and video
April 24: In-stock: Canon Digital Rebel T1i 500D now at OneCall (updated)
April 24: Casio EX-FC100 review list and shipping for $290 (weekend only)
April 24: Olympus E620 review cluster created, hands-on at Pop Photo
April 24: Pentax DA 15mm f4 Limited reviewed by dpreview (ouch?)
April 24: Cosina announces Voigtlander adapter (M-series on Micro 4/3rds)
April 23: Fuji F200 EXR Review Cluster added - and new review at NeoCamera
April 23: Pentax K7D: Too much confusion, I can't get no relief
April 23: How to evaluate digital camera reviews
April 23: Nikon video podcast features Michael Lichter talking D3X
April 22: Hands-on with the Nikon D5000 (with samples)
April 22: Tip of the hat: Top Ten blogs featuring Noisy (Q1, 2009)
April 22: Impact superzoom review: Sony HX1 by
April 22: Blog update: Earth Day roundup cancelled
April 21: The DSLR Playoff Finals are here: Canon 5D Mark II vs Nikon D700
April 21: Photography Soup (The Happening Now edition)
April 21: The new DSLR will be the Pentax K7D and revealed in late May
April 21: The Blogs are back up and running again!
April 21: Customer support page for this blog at GetSatisfaction
April 20: Discover New Sites:, Woot-like but with photography prints!
April 20: reviews the Panasonic G1
April 20: Panasonic LX3 vs Canon G10 vs Nikon P6000 (RAWsumer Wars!)
April 20: Spec Wars: Nikon D90 vs D5000 vs Canon T1i 500D
April 20: New from Cosina was actually announced at Photokina 2008: Carl Zeiss Tele-Tesser T* 4/85mm ZM
April 19: The DSLR Playoff Semifinals are under-way: Four DSLRs remain!
April 19: First look at the Sigma DP2 (not with production unit)
April 19: Canon 5D Mark II gets reviewed by DC-Resource
April 19: Weekend Shopper (Sunday night edition)
April 19: Who's praising my digital camera now? The TIPA 2009 Awards!
April 19: The Pentax DSLR leaks continue!
April 18: Breaking down Round #2 of the DSLR Playoffs
April 18: My kingdom for the 5DMk2 battery: LP-E6 shipping for $130
April 18: An alternative forum: The Camera Work forums
April 17: Playing with a pre-production Leica S2 and lenses
April 17: Fresh Nikon D90 review by Steve Huff
April 17: D5000 beats T1i this time, Canon vs Panasonic wars heat up (new top sellers)
April 17: Panasonic disappoints with the new FS12, FS42 and FS62 compacts
April 17: Curiosity factor: Samsung HZ10w (WB500) review at Photo Review
April 16: Blurry is the future for Pentax
April 16: They are back: B&H Photo, Adorama and BuyDig/Beach
April 16: Minolta lives on with the digital Photoworld editions
April 16: What special-interest topics do you want to see?
April 16: Reader's Gear on eBay (April 2009 edition)
April 15: DSLR Playoffs Round #2: Eight DSLRs left - who will it all?
April 15: April 24 releases in Japan: Canon T1i and Fuji GF670
April 15: Reactions to the Nikon D5000 (extended edition)
April 15: 24 minutes with Nikon, starring the D5000 (podcast)
April 15: Olympus DSLR prices drop dramatically, from E420 to E3
April 15: Sony and Zeiss love, renewed for another five years
April 14: Breaking down the DSLR Playoff match-ups
April 14: Medium Format "Debbie Downer" Trilogy is complete
April 14: Nikon D5000 and 10-24 DX pre-order tracker
April 14: Nikon DSLR comparison: four pages of line-by-line specifications
April 14: The Business Side: 189 business ideas - you can read or listen
April 13: First Nikon D5000 sample pictures are available (updated)
April 13: New Nikon 10-24mm f3.5-4.5 DX offers a new wide-zoom option
April 13: Nikon D5000 is officially announced!
April 13: Steve's Digicams goes review crazy: Canon SX1is, Ricoh CX1 and SD960is
April 13: Nikon D5000 semi-leaked in Japan, visually leaked in Sweden (updated)
April 13: DSLRs join the band, singing the decling shipment blues
April 13: Olympus E620 review at DP Interface
April 12: The DSLR Playoffs have just began, you decide the winners!
April 12: Panasonic LX3 diary updated
April 12: Geek out with Sony high-speed sensor internals
April 12: "American Character" project coming to TV
April 11: New Olympus E620 review by 4/3rds Photo
April 10: New Fuji F200 EXR review at DCResource and Digital Camera Review (updated)
April 10: Samsung NX-series teaser: rotating camera video clip
April 10: Weekend shopper (Canon 5D Mk II, memory cards, Paintshop Pro X2 Ultimate)
April 10: Medium Format: Getting top quality
April 10: Creative ways to share your knowledge (and partially fund your work)
April 9: Panasonic retakes the superzoom crown, Sigma DP1 becomes a star (new top sellers)
April 9: The Casio EX-FC100 and the liberal media elites
April 9: (EXPIRED) Bargain alert: Sigma DP1 today only for $400
April 9: Terminology: Announcement vs Release, Rumors and other friends
April 8: Call for articles, galleries, blog posts, etc for Earth Day 2009
April 8: R&D Talk: Black and white digital camera
April 8: I can has Polaroid for $59 million (or not?)
April 8: Canon T1i 500D vs Nikon D90 (specs comparison)
April 7: What happened to DSLRs at Best Buy? (update: they are back now!)
April 7: Second impact review of the Panasonic TS1 (FT1)
April 7: Pentax K2000 Star Wars edition now shipping
April 7: The secret evolution of Four Thirds (and M 4/3rds too)
April 7: In-depth interview with the real Chuck Westfall
April 7: New Most Popular posts widget
April 6: Tokina AT-X Pro 12-24mm f4 DX gets the dpreview treatment
April 6: Upcoming Nikon DSLR grows a pull-out LCD?
April 6: Deconstructing Medium Format Optical Precision
April 6: Blog planning session: Spring/Summer 2009
April 5: Pentax K2000 kits heavily discounted (Pentax World Day specials?) (updated)
April 5: Testing and experiments under way
April 5: Noise, night, Miami and the Panasonic G1
April 3: Imaging Resource launches their new Image Stabilization test
April 3: Sample pictures from the Sony HX1 and Leica 50mm f1.4
April 3: Confess your love for RAW (DSLR users)
April 2: Samsung WB510 and WB560 appear to be clones of WB500/WB550
April 2: Wordle of the Noisefest
April 2: Impact review: Olympus E620 at Biofos
April 2: In-stock alert: 5DMk2 body only for $2700
April 2: Review Train: Canon 50D, Fuji Z33wp, Panasonic TZ7, and more
April 2: Planning ahead: B&H schedule for Passover
April 1: Photography Soup (April 1st edition)


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