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April 22, 2009

Impact superzoom review: Sony HX1 by

Although it isn't a Phil Askey or Simion Joinsion review, it is still dpreview, and a big part of the cameraholic world pays attention when there is a new dpreview review. Especially when that review is actually timely and one of the first for a new and intriguing camera.

So with that as a long-winded preface, here is the Don Wan review of the Sony HX1 superzoom. As usual, we won't reveal the conclusions here, but you can find them on page #16 if you are in a hurry.

The HX1 was announced in March 2009 and added an alternative to the mid-range-plus superzoom sub-segment.

Reactions to the review are concentrated in this Sony Talk forum at

And as fate would have it, the dpreview review has generated a spark in HX1 sales at, where you can get it for $400 with free shipping and handling. They also have a promotion for six months no-interest if you buy it with the Amazon Store Card. The Store Card is different from their co-branded credit-card (Visa or Mastercard, I forgot which one).

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