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April 25, 2009

Friendly reminder: If you copy, please include a reference/link

We usually try to be nice and avoid things like this, but sometimes we wake up on the grouchy side or have too much coffee and something like this happens :)

We love that a number of other websites are using this blog as a regular reference and we encourage this. However we have also noticed that a number of websites have been using this blog as a regular reference for months, without posting even a single credit/reference ever.

We go out of our way to credit any sources we use, as you can see from the billions of links in this blog. While we can't expect everyone to be so detailed, we are simply asking for some common sense here.

We have a few "smoking gun" cases, but we don't want to start "blogger drama" by naming names. And there are some juicy ones!

It is also rather ironic that sites that cover photography on a regular basis, with photographer rights being a big issue, are not following the same approach for web content!

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