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April 13, 2009

First Nikon D5000 sample pictures are available (updated)

It didn't take long, the first sample pictures taken with the D5000 have been published as part of the Imaging Resource preview of the camera. These are extensive studio shots that are part of IR's review set, and they of course go from ISO 100 to 6400. NEF files are also available for download, so you can individually test them and run them through your (pixel-peeping) workflow and favorite software and see how they compare with the cameras you are already familiar with.

Six full size JPEG sample pictures are now available, taken in beautiful Amsterdaam by Let's Go Digital. These are real-world outdoorsy pictures, so combined with the pixel-peepiential pictures above, one can get a better ...picture of the image-quality potential of this camera.

But wait, there's more, seventeen (17) sample pictures available at the Nikon D5000 page. These however are only available at "web size" and there is no download or RAW option.

And some more samples, unfortunately also at "web size" posted at Demystifying Digital by Dan Havlik, who you may also recognize from PDF Pulse.

And more samples! Dpreview has posted a 26-image gallery, with each image available as a full-size JPEG download. The pictures appear to be coming from a sunny and outdoorsy London and were shot either with the kit lens or the 50mm f1.4.

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