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April 15, 2009

DSLR Playoffs Round #2: Eight DSLRs left - who will it all?

The results are in from Round #1 of the DSLR playoffs, and we have eight winners. The winners have advanced and they are now matched up against each other. As you can see below, there are some very intriguing match-ups! And as fate would have it, the two DSLRs that made DSLR-Video famous are going against each other. There is no buffer, no margin for error in this round!

You decide the outcome! Be sure to vote and tell your friends to vote! The results of this round will be finalized at an undisclosed time in the next few days and then the DSLR Playoff Semifinals will begin. You can follow this round by bookmarking this page, here is the permalink.

Round #2 is over, we have now moved to the DSLR Semifinals stage with four DSLRs remaining! As usual, you vote and you decide the winners!

Results of Round #1
The results of Round #1 have been finalized. As of the cut-off time, here is the score. The numbers are the percentage of votes for each camera.

+ Nikon D3X vs Pentax K20D, 58-42
+ Canon 1Ds Mark III vs Fuji S5 Pro, 62-38
+ Nikon D3 vs Canon 40D, 76-24
+ Canon 1D Mark III vs Nikon D90, 43-57 [surprise?]
+ Canon 5D Mark II vs Sony A700, 76-24
+ Sony A900 vs Canon 50D, 59-41
+ Nikon D700 vs Olympus E30, 72-28
+ Olympus E3 vs Nikon D300, 38-62

Of the non-CaNiKons, the only DSLR who made it in this round is the Sony Alpha A900. The Olympus E3 and E30 along with the Pentax K20D lost their match-ups.

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