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April 26, 2009

As the Pentax K7 world turns (and a Megapixels vs FPS poll)

We have a new episode of the limited-edition series "Waiting for K7d". This time, Pentax USA executive Ned Bunnell chimes in on the rumors (see Saturday April 25 post), and discusses the mythical "35mm full frame" DSLR. After reading his post, one can safely assume that the K7 will not be a 35mm full frame DSLR. But he has not ruled out anything else. Octagon sensor fans, there is still hope :-)

Meanwhile, the mega-thread at PentaxForums now has over 1200 posts in it. It looks like they may need to create a FatWallet-style summary post :)

Ned's op-ed on the situation, and his teaser of a teaser of a teaser picture are discussed in this new PF thread.

With megapixels being a hot topic, and likely one of the most heavily-discussed aspects of the new camera, we have a fun poll for you. Assuming a hypothetical camera can process a burst of 60 megapixels/second, which one of the configurations below would you prefer?

PS: Why pick "60 megapixels per second"? Because 60 makes the math really easy - it can be evenly divided by 2,3,4,5,6,10,12,15,20, and 30.

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