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March 30, 2009

Want more? Follow us on Twitter!

If you want more, and you've already gone through all the Noisy blog posts, we have more for you! You can follow the noisy updates on Twitter. We already have *gasp* over 700 updates there. Typically what we post there are:
+ status updates on the blog in case there are any problems with the blog
+ interesting posts from the blogosphere that we couldn't fit topically in our latest posts
+ random pictures from the flickr pool
+ random thoughts
+ mumbling and whining

The funny thing with Twitter, if you whine (complain) about a product or service, you will usually get contacted by a representative of the company asking "how we can help".

Another lesson learned is that when you pick a name for a blog/website/etc, be sure to keep it at 15 characters or less. Some services, like Twitter and Digg have a limit of 15. This blog's name is 16 characters long, so we have to "eat up" the final "s" in the case of Twitter.

PS: Twitter appears to be having slowdowns and such.

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