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March 16, 2009

Things are quiet in CameraVille (open thread - suggestions, feedback, etc)

After the madness of PMA, things have gone rather quiet, as if someone unplugged the whole thing from the matrix!

So it is time for an "open thread" where anything goes, you can leave your feedback, suggestions, feature-requests and things like that. You can also send them directly to us using this handy contact form.

And something to fight off with "Hello Kitty", a faux-retro camera-style from Vivitar. Just the style, it's the same old generic P&S with a new red dress. See pictures of both sides at Engadget.

And one more thing, you can check for specials and deals at the camera deals blog which is also offering a full-text RSS feed.

Discussion point #1: Fuji F200 versus Casio EX-FC100
One of our readers submitted this question, but we do not have a good answer, so let's turn it into a discussion point: What do you think of a Fuji F200-EXR versus Casio EX-FC100 purchase, given what is currently known about these two new cameras?

Discussion point #2: Suggestions for Commenting systems?
We are currently using the "TypePad Connect" commenting system, but it is a first generation release and early in its life-cycle and it has some issues as some of you who tried to comment may have noticed. We are trying to be good "Typepad homers", but it looks like the commenting system needs a couple of releases to become "industrial strength".

So, do you have any suggestions or recommendations for other commenting systems you have been using and like?

Discussion point #3: What's next after the megapixel wars?
The megapixel wars are by no means over (ignore the retracted Olympus statement on 12mp), but New Scientist asks what's next?

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