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March 02, 2009

New Samsung NX-series has APS-C sensor with EVF!

Samsung pleasantly surprised everyone today at PMA 2009 by announcing their new NX-series cameras. The defining characteristics of the new NX-camera series are an APS-C sensor, an EVF display (with LiveView) instead of a mirror box and optical viewfinder, and a smaller body size.

The first cameras in the series are expected to arrive in the second half of 2009. So it looks like the "hybrid" system got accelerated from the previously estimated 2010 delivery. Apparently they were playing "marketing possum".

This is part of Samsung's plan for world domination. As we wrote before, Samsung can't reach the global #1 spot with just point and shoot cameras, so the NX-series will certainly give them a boost among enthusiast and advanced photographers.

Unfortunately this is all Samsung has revealed at this time, this is more of a development notice than a specific product announcement.

However, by looking at the top view of the camera (see picture) we see that there is a movie mode, hot-shoe (investigate the contacts!), and "PASM" (manual exposure, shutter and aperture priority).

New! Focus Numerique has new pictures from Samsung France and they show zoom lenses, and FN goes on to speculate that they look like image-stabilized lenses.

This will also be interesting to see how it plays out in Pentax's plans. As you may recall, there was a Pentax back-of-the-camera leak yesterday, and the back of that camera looks not that much different. However, the Pentax leak looks like it is a "typical" 24X superzoom compact.

Further Reading
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Unanswered Questions
+ lens mount and lenses
+ how about image stabilization?
+ exact sensor size
+ camera feature set
+ hot-shoe/flash compatibility
+ price-range

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