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March 04, 2009

PMA Wednesday Late Edition

Welcome to the late edition, where we focus at various website and blog reports from the trade show floor. But first, let's recap the news of the day, which you can find at the Wednesday early edition:
+ Pentax revitalizing their digital medium format
+ Sigma reveals delivery estimates for DP2 and SD15
+ Olympus Micro Four Thirds available in June?
+ Leica does not rule out Micro Four Thirds
+ Panasonic does not rule out Four Thirds
+ goes on hiatus
+ no DSLRs at PMA from Canon and Nikon

New News
+ Vivitar-branded 8mp DSLR - very little is known - more details if/when they come out
+ Samsung is having a headache, so they are letting Pentax "decide" their next GX-series DSLR. More at Amateur Photographer UK
+ Apparently AP-UK has a truth serum that gets companies to "talk"
+ With the economy hiding on the dark side of the moon, there are some bright spots still remaining says c|net under|exposed

*** this edition in now final ***
*** more in Thursday's Early Edition ***

Hands-on with cameras at the Trade Show
+ Digital Camera Review takes a close look at the video of the Samsung NX prototype as it rotates behind glass
+ Imaging Insider on the Fuji 3D - you can get "drunk" with this camera!
+ Photography Bay previews the Casio EX-FC100 compact speedster
+ 30-second video showing a preview of the new ACDSee 3 Pro
+ Photography Bay has close-ups of the six Sony concept lenses and the Canon sX1 IS.

From the Trade Show Floor
+ Video highlights from PMA at Camera Dojo
+ Day by day show coverage at Imaging Resource
+ More additions to the dpreview Show Report including the German pavilion, featuring some big names of the past living on yen-fusions, such as Zeiss, Metz, Schneider and such.
+ Pho Bay takes a look at the Pro Photo Show
+ Also from them, a wide-angle view so you can feel like you are there
+ lots of Sony accessories in tempting pictures at Let's Go Sony
+ Yvon Bourque has been visiting with Pentax and photographers. More will be posted on his blog later this week.

In the Blogosphere
+ PhotoClubAlpha talks Sony CMOS sensors
+ The Online Photographer sings the paper-praises of the newly-announced Pentax 15mm f4 DA lens.
+ AlphaTracks talks about the new Sony concept lenses
+ We don't usually cover printers, but the Canon Pixma Pro Mark II are coming to America says PDN Gear Guide
+ The Photo Reporter summarizes some of the cameras they found interesting enough to write about
+ Some of these photographers won a Nikon D700 at PMA. Why?
+ Love cat photography and want to raise money at the same time? Combine the two with the help of Twitter. David Pogue, one of liberal media elites, has the story

Camera of the Show
While unofficial and incomplete, we are looking at what different bloggers are picking as "cameras of the show" at PMA 2009. So far, we have two "votes" for the Panasonic GH1 at Photography Review and by Derrick Story.

Joke of the day
If all the new stuff and lack of things you are interested in is driving you crazy, we have an intellectual joke you can share with your latte and biscotti friends:
Question: What does nuance and nuisance have in common?
Answer: They are both a nuisance

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