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March 02, 2009

PMA Monday round-up (early edition)

Welcome to our daily round-up of the PMA coverage on the internets! Today is Monday, the unofficial start of PMA 2009. The trade show officially tips of on Tuesday, but there's already a lot of action today.

The Big Story: Samsung NX-series
Samsung surprised the world today by announcing their development of their "hybrid" cameras they mentioned last year at Photokina, born as the new NX-series. We have detailed coverage for you. The new cameras will use APS-C sensors, an EVF/LCD with Live View (no mirror box/OVF) and of course a smaller size and weight than traditional (d)SLRs.

From the trade show floor and beyond
Great news for Sigma DP2 fans from the Imaging Insider. The camera will be shown by Sigma at PMA!

Let's Go to Vegas offers an interesting gallery of Vegas pictures, taken with the D3X and the 50mm f1.4 lens. The Nikon 50mm f1.4 of course :-) Full-size samples are available for download, and Let's Go has chosen some good pictures to showcase the camera and the lens. If you fall in love, get the lens, much cheaper :)

JPG Magazine is making progress in rebooting itself says PDN Pulse. One of the companies helping them out is Adorama.

Pictures from the trade-show by

It looks like the Pentax mystery camera is almost fully revealed. Engadget has more.

New product announcements (filtered)
Competing with PMA this year is CeBIT 2009, and that's where launches new tiny little things, they call them PocketCinema V10 and T10. These are Flip-like competitors or something along those lines.

Not one, not two, but nine new GE digital cameras were announced today. They are all variations on a theme, with a new waterproof camera (GE GEWP), and a superzoom. They also have some crazy release dates. For example, the new 12X zoom GE X3 will come out in November (?!?!?!). We regret to inform GE fans that we have dropped GE from the manufacturers we cover. But we do not regret dropping them :-)

Six Seven new cameras have been announced by whoever owns the AgfaPhoto name. Find them at the Adorama Newsdesk. Included is a waterproof, shockproof and frost-proof camera (with folded optics), and the usual point-and-shootery. Some of them go beyond the basic entry-level, with features as "touchscreen", "brews coffee", "wide angle", and also, the return of the red sensor button.

For a list of rumors, speculation, and more, be sure to check our speculation spectacular.

You can keep track of all our PMA-related posts using the PMA category mini-blog.

To keep track of the new digital cameras announced this year, be sure to check the New Cameras of 2009 page. Even though we only track 15 major manufacturers, we are still very close to 100!

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