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March 06, 2009

PMA Friday round-up

Welcome to the Friday edition of our PMA round-up where we catch up with more trade-show pictures and videos and things that fell through the cracks. To catch up with what happened before, be sure to check the PMA Central mini-blog. And don't forget to vote, or check out the results of the most exciting announcements and biggest disappointments poll.

*** this edition is now final ***
*** next PMA-roundup on Saturday ***

Of Cameras and Sensors
Audio and pictures from the Panasonic GH1 is now available at the Insider. The next best thing to being there in person!

News of the Fuji folding (medium format film) camera at Photography Review. Ken Rockwell reference included!

More Fuji, Let's Go Digitales has a nice close-up of the Fuji 3D camera. It looks like a cross between the old and new "Knight Rider" cars :) It also looks like the camera "has eyes". It will certainly pique the interest of gadgetologists.

Don't say you haven't been warned, the following link may cause a severe case of LBA! Let's Go Digital shows the Zeiss Distagon T* 21mm f2.8.

41 samples photos taken with the new Olympus E620 and the new 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 II lens(e) have been posted at Photography Blog.

Photography Lint has gotten their hands on the Samsung TL320 (WB100) whose claim to fame is a 3" OLED and analog gauges showing battery and storage status. But we also have some bad news on this cameras. One of our RAWsumer readers noticed that the "RAW" mention has been removed from the dpreview specifications, thus any hope of that this camera has RAW is GONE, gone, GONE!

A new hybrid, this time approaching photography from the camcorder side, in other words a camcorder-priority hybrid is the JVC Everio GZX900, which can take digital stills of nine megapixels, in addition of course to 1080p video and such. See more at Engadget.

Reader's Digest declares Canon the most trusted camera brand in Europe. Because we know that Reader's Digest readers are on the cutting edge of technology, which is why they are reading a tiny-font magazine with pre-historic news ;-)

The Leica S2 is coming this summer said Leica to PDN Pulse. The price is still not revealed, the expectations are all over the place. But it will make the Nikon D3X look "more affordable" :)

Foveon loves Vegas! Let's Go Digital went out for a walk with a Sigma DP2 camera and took some pictures, which are available at full-size. Please note however that the unit used for the samples is not a final production unit!

A very interesting article is spotlighted at Image Sensors World, where Sony answers question as to why they have just now released a 'speed demon' digital camera, even though they make the sensors that Casio has been using in their own cameras starting with the Casio EXF1.

Apparently none of the people at the trade show were able to grab someone from Sigma and make them explain how their new image stabilization "feature" works with the Pentax and Sony sensor-shift DSLRs. Sadly that's what happens when you have a poorly written/translated press release. It seems that this has confused Pop Photo even.

From the Trade Show Floor
A new waves of trade show floor updates at the Imaging Insider!

Imaging Resource spotlights the new 32gb SDXC Pretec memory card. This is the next step in SD memory card evolution, which went from SD to SDHC and now to SDXC. So look for SDXC support to make its way in future SD-based cameras.

A new wave of pictures at which also points out that the GE cameras will be invading Japan this spring.

Hey what about film? There was something new, wasn't there? Photography Review has the answer.

25 pictures from the trade show floor were posted at PC World.

This polite Red Dot Guy wants to hand you a Leica S2.

Imaging Resource is not done with the PMA updates, they are posting more and more.

In the Blogosphere
An opinion on the ten-pack of new GE digital cameras in the dpreview forums.

PMA 2010 in SoCal
The next PMA will take place on February 21, 22 and 23 in Anaheim in Southern California. Yep, SoCal, not Vegas! Restitution, not .... :)

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