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March 11, 2009

New Top Sellers: Discount impact, SuperZoom Wars, Pre-Orders

We have a new episode of the top selling digital cameras at Amazon, our snapshot-to-snapshot soap-opera in the digital camera marketplace.


Everybody loves a big discount
As you can see in the screenshot teaser above, the limited-time $400 special price of the K2000/K-m triplet has sky-rocketed the camera all the way up to the promised land. The price only lasted for a few hours, but it sold enough units to make this camera a top seller. And who can say no to a DSLR, lens, flash, and camera bag going for $400? Its current price is now at around $530, which is still not a bad price, but not the type of price that causes a feeding frenzy.

Top 25 Vitals
+ five DSLRs
+ four superzooms
+ two RAWsumers
+ three cameras under $100

SuperZoom Wars get fun again
With the two Canon leaders in stagnation, the Sony H50 and the Panasonic FZ28 are trying to launch a counter-offensive. In the sidelines of course are the newer models from each one of the three aforementioned manufacturers. The big question is, will Sony HX1's high-speed mode and new panorama feature be enough to make the camera popular among photographers who were not particularly interested in the previous H-series models?

Top Pre-Orders
1. Sony S950 black
2. Nikon L20 red
3. Nikon P90
4. Sony S950 silver
5. Canon SX200 IS black
6. Fuji F200 EXR

For more...
For previous episodes, and other market-related posts, be sure to check the Market Pulse mini blog.

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