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March 25, 2009

New Canon Digital Rebel T1i 500D is officially announced

After leaks and leaks, the Canon 500D, aka the Digital Rebel T1i, is officially announced, and it becomes the new D-Rebel flagship, replacing the popular XSi/450D at the top of the D-Rebel world.

We are trying to be as diplomatic as possible, but the T1i name is the stupidest DSLR name ever. The number "1" and the letter "I" are frequently confused when used together, and the name itself has no flow at all. This definitely belongs in a "Marketing Gone Wild" compilation! Just name it "T1" for crying out loud, or use the same name as Europe, 500D is a simple and easy to remember name!

And now on to the camera...

Hands-on previews and actual opinions
+ preview and lots of video samples and some images with a beta unit at Galbraith's
+ hands-on preview and pre-production tiny pictures and a sample video at Demystifying Digital. I'm the last to give website design advice, but what's up with websites decreasing the size of their main column of text! This just in from "LCD Digest": screens are getting wider and wider!
+ preview and two pixel-peepiential studio samples from a pre-production camera at Imaging Resource
+ 13-page preview at dpreview with Butler and Rehm
+ hands-on at DCI
+ Camera Town says the T1i/500D misses the mark

Canon 500D T1i Kiss X3 Key Specifications
+ 15-megapixel APS-C sensor
+ DiGic 4
+ DSLR-Video capture (30fps 720p, 20fps 1080p, 30fps VGA)
+ 3.4 fps (170 JPEG or 9 RAW) burst mode
+ ISO 100 to 3200, boostable to 6400 and 12800
+ 9pt AF
+ OVF (95%, 0.87x)
+ Live View (three modes)
+ 3" LCD (922K dots)
+ Creative Full Auto (spot the contradiction!)

Price and Availability
+ body-only is listed at Amazon but cannot be pre-ordered just yet ($800)
+ kit with 18-55mm EF-S IS is listed at Amazon but cannot be pre-ordered yet ($900)
+ you can pre-order both kits at Calumet Photo
+ Canon estimates an early May release date in the US market
+ UK prices at AP UK


Further Reading
+ Press release at Imaging Insider
+ dpreview
+ digital camera review
+ focus numerique
+ Photography Review
+ Camera Labs
+ dphotoexpert
+ you can't swing a mouse-cord without hitting the T1i preview link at Imaging Resource. They put the link to their preview 18 times on this page. 18 times! Oh dear :)

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